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FJDynamics Launches E-fence and Assisted Mode for 3D Excavator Guidance System

Jun 02/2022

The 3D excavator guidance system supports three task modes, easy slope and depth setting, and CAD design file import and custom-design. The 3D excavator guidance system offers clear and accurate 3D reference mode on the control terminal, and shows the distance between the bucket edge and bench grade. It guides the operator to control the excavator. The first version of the 3D excavator guidance system has already used GNSS and RTK technology to provide accurate 3D position information (with sub-inch accuracy) of the excavator bucket.

E-fence is set to make excavating safer 

The latest version of the 3D grade control system, launched by the FJD Digital Construction team, is implemented with an E-fence function. “Nothing is more important than the safety of the operator.” This is the unanimous philosophy of the R&D team. According to the 2021 global safety report (1), the rate of fatal injury in construction reached 35%. Safety does matter. 

E-fence fucntion of FJD 3D Excavator grade control system

The E-fence function ensures that excavator sticks move within a safety  range defined by customized height, depth, and farthest distance. It allows you: 

- To set maximum swing angles to the left and right of the machine

- To set a height limit for the boom

- To stop automatically once the boom exceeds pre-defined area

The E-fence works as invisible electronic boundaries. According to the 3D excavator guidance system’s setting, once the excavator stick goes beyond the predefined zone, the system will issue a warning and stop the excavator stick to fully guarantee safety within the preset working space. This includes interruption posed by any object or structure near the boundary, such as power line, wall or bridges.The E-fence limits machine movement to predefined zones. In a complex and dangerous operating environment, it can not only assist drivers to work within accurate range, but also protects the safety of the construction site staff. Meanwhile, it better protects the property from loss. 

The E-fence function of 3d excavator guidance system limits machine movement to predefined zones.

Assisted Mode is set to make excavating faster

The 3D excavator guidance system is based on one-man operation, which eliminates the need for surveyors to repeatedly verify excavation data. The auxiliary version enables automatic excavation of the big stick and bucket, and the operator only needs to control the small stick, making it possible to brush the slope and level the ground with a single click. This one-for-all skilled level feature makes it easy to operate even for novice excavators. Fast and precise digging operations mean higher productivity and lower fuel consumption, with data already proving that fuel consumption can be saved from 35% per month. 

"Previously, 2-3 people were needed to assist in the excavation, but now the excavator can do it alone," reported by a contractor from Asia. The 3D excavator guidance system automatically raises the boom and the bucket edge precisely. Based on GNSS and RTK technology, it ensures the efficient completion of the job. The assisted mode largely allows skilled workers to keep their energy levels high while at the same time increasing excavation efficiency by approximately 35%.


Regarding the upgraded 3D excavator guidance system, customers are now encouraged to provide the FJD team with the following information about the modified models:

1. Specific brands and models of the retrofit excavator.

2. The hydraulic schematic diagram of the excavator.

3. Is the operating handle hydraulic or electric.

4. For hydraulic handles, please provide further information on: ① The specific sizes of the handles into and back to the hydraulic pipe; ② Specifications of both ends of the connection thread (usually, relevant information can be found on the hydraulic hose).

5. Picture of the upper end of the operating handle.

For more product information inquiries, please contact: construction@fjdynamics.com 




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