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Smart Agriculture Is the New Sexy – Or Is It Just Another Myth?

Nov 29/2021

Smart Equipment Is Taking Off in Agriculture

"We have been discussing and imaging a world filled with intelligent technologies for a long time..." While self-driving technology is still challenged by laws and social morality on open roads, agricultural applications are adapting to this technology more easily.

In fact, agriculture is one of the most advanced industries when it comes to deploying automation technology in the real world. The commercial world has been attracted to the technology that can plan and work the land with minimal oversight. It is due to the massive expanses of land in agriculture and a handful of workers in tough working conditions.

North America, with average farm span 444 acres, is now a world leader in autonomous farm equipment, according to DEC Research. More than US$26 billion of revenue has been generated by selling auto-steering tractors, combine harvesters, and drones equipped with cameras, sensors, and cropdusters.

What is a Smart Farm?

Smart farming and precision agriculture mean the integration of a series of advanced technologies into existing farming practices, which increases production efficiency and quality of agricultural products. Moreover, this advanced farming solution also reduces labour forces and improves the quality of life for farm workers.

Advanced technology is penetrating almost every aspect of farming – from planting, watering, harvesting to health monitoring. Autonomous robots, sensors, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are seen as the pillars of the smart farm.

FJDynamics – The hands, eyes, and brains of farmers

Relying on various robots and other smart sensor terminals, the FJDynamics (FJD) Smart Agriculture Solution is able to increase the efficiency of agricultural production and truly build up a smart farm with few or even no manual intervention, by the means of remote visual monitoring, smart diagnosis, risk management, reaction decision-making, and etc.

The FJD Auto Steer Kit cover all agricultural processes from cultivating to harvesting. From Soil Preparation, Seeding, Spraying, to Harvesting, all the applications are equipped with automatic path planning and automatic operation throughout the process.

Behind FJD Auto Steer Kit, there is a smart platform that analyses comprehensive information and finalizes proper operation suggestions along with necessary warnings. It can synchronize digital modelling information to the FJD Smart Agri-Robots, so the next steps of operation can be arranged accordingly.

In summary, FJD is offering you the real implementing hi-tech in agriculture. Our imagination of the future world may not be achieved in the near future, but in Agriculture, sci-fi forecasts seem to be coming true today.

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