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Why Do You Need GPS Tractor Auto Steer for Agriculture Work?

Jul 15/2021

" High accuracy GPS tractor auto steer help me to save fertilizer and seed cost. FJD autosteering kit fits perfectly with my Kubota M135 GX III tractor. It provides high precision auto steering guidance both when fertilizing and planting. I saved a lot of money and time!" Farmer from Bulgaria says.

This farmer always want an accurate but affordable tractor auto steer solution with 2 cm RTK correction. And finally he chose FJD autosteering kit for his agriculture work.

Tractor auto steer reduce fertilizer cost in agriculture work

"In February, at -13°C, I decided to fertilize my wheat and barley fields with ammonium nitrate with a tractor equipped automatic steering system and a trailed Kubota fertilizer spreader. This is the first time I've used this system , I'm excited, it didn't let me down, it's been fantastic."

The operator of the tractor achieved an average speed of 19 km/h while the crosstrack error of the GPS auto steer system for tractor never got more than 5 cm.

"The experience is really good, I spent 7 days on 800 ha of farmland for precision fertilization, and I saved about 6% of ammonium nitrate compared to not using the auto steering kit, worth about $4,000. One fertilization saves money I can almost buy a half auto steering system. I should have bought it sooner because fertilizers are really expensive these days."

Auto steer reduce seed cost in planting agriculture work

"In March, I started pea planting. I installed an Amazone D9 planter on my Kubota M135 GX III tractor, and of course, I continued work with the tractor auto steer. I planted peas at an average speed of 10 km/h and the crosstrack error never got more than 3 cm, which is pretty cool."

"The total area planted was 45 ha for one day and the calculated savings from unused seeds were 500 USD for just one day."

The ultra-precise auto steer for tractor is perfectly straight without any overlap, so seeds and later the plants don’t compete with each other for nutrients, which results in better crop growth.

Easy to Use

The farmer and operator of the tractor both enjoyed how stable the gps auto steer for tractor runs and how easy it is to use. After each operation they could go to the Locations History and check exactly how many hectares are fertilized or planted and calculate their savings.

Using the tractor auto steer also allowed them to work late in the night with great precision, while before at sunset the stopped operation.

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