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FJDynamics Lawnmower – How to make a perfect cut?

Dec 24/2021

Last week, FJDynamics released its new product - FJD Lawnmower worldwide. It is a fully autonomous electric lawn mower, delivering state-of-the-art mowing efficiency for users via Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and robotics technology.

FJD Lawnmower

Secrets behind Perfection

FJD Lawnmower is equipped with a 41” lifting cutter deck, whose blades are durable and mowing speed is adjustable. It can keep your grass within 1’’ to 4’’ tall. Besides, it can operate within 3.7 to 7.5 miles per hour as you like.

The mower also stands out for extraordinary adaptability in complicated terrains. With 0° turning radius, this mower is fit for various mowing standards. In addition, it can function easily in sites like golf courses and parks thanks to a maximum gradeability of 20°. Similarly, the mower can park safely without effort – even on a 16.7° slope! All these features contribute to the mower’s excellent performance in mowing and adaptability.

Clean and Efficient Mowing

The mower can accurately schedule and memorize working routes based on GNSS, a high-precision positioning technology. The mower can plan its outbound and return routes while ensuring each line it mows is of the same width. If you mow for football fields, it will plan every route and make sure every stripe is of same width.

Supported by GNSS and real-time kinematic (RTK) technology, the mower can operate within an accuracy of 5cm – this ensures clean and efficient mowing in every go.

Every Move at Your Fingertips

Different control modes and a 10.1-inch display screen are the key to easy operation. You can choose from manual, remote, and auto control modes. Moreover, you can complete a series of complex tasks like path planning and auto driving within several clicks. Honestly, every movement will be at your fingertips!

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