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FJDynamics Expands US and Canada Markets in Partnership with Local Distributors


(January 28, 2022) FJDynamics, a global leader in robotics and autonomous technology, has announced a partnership with its local distributor Deep Sand Technology LLC (DST). In collaboration with Rancho Nexo and VRO Consultoria Empresarial, DST epitomizes a new milestone that FJDynamics has achieved successfully at a global scale, and aims at expanding FJDynamics’ dealer network in the United States and Canada.

The agreement between FJDynamics and DST highlights the emergence of latest brands with advanced product development. FJDynamics is developing technology to meet the needs of today’s farmers for smart and precision agriculture, and we make sure that our products are affordable.

tractor with autosteering kit

What FJDynamics can bring to the US agricultural market

"DST, in collaboration with Rancho Nexo and VRO Consultoria Empresarial, brings FJDynamics over 50 years of experience in agricultural markets of US and Canada,” says Nancy Zhu, FJDynamics' US market Sales Director. Nancy also states, "FJDynamics Autosteering Kit can be applied to most agricultural machineries, such as harvesters, tractors and transplanters, etc. These ag machines can also be upgraded to semi-autonomous operation with advanced vision technology. These technologies allow farmers to achieve precision agriculture with hands-free operation."

Founder of DST and a farmer himself, Joey Koebelen says: “Starting as one of the first customers of FJDynamics in the US in 2021, I was impressed by the quality and accuracy of the FJD system that is also offered at an affordable price. I knew that I wanted to help other farmers find out about FJD's Autosteering systems that work great with new or older equipment. This is just the start of what FJD can bring to the US and look forward to collaborating with them.”

What Rancho Nexo and VRO Consultoria Empresarial say about FJDynamics?

"We are thrilled to be working with FJDynamics,” says Matt Grant, founder and owner of Rancho Nexo. "FJDynamics has an offering GNSS & RTK that makes precision farming more accessible. We are excited to collaborate with American and Canadian farmers to incorporate this technology into their management practices."

"FJD has high precision technology that is affordable to all farmers around the world. FJD already has complete autonomous farm operations running for tractors, harvesters, spraying and transplanting in rice production in Asia, and plan to expand this autonomous technology to farming in the western world in 2022,” says Jeff Rohlena, founder and owner of VRO Consultoria Empresarial.

Rohlena points out, “Having autonomous technology that can work on existing farm equipment at an affordable price will allow a farmer to utilize autonomy without having to replace existing combines, sprayers, and tractors with new costly power platforms."

Meet FJDynamics products in the upcoming exhibitions

FJDynamics products will be introduced to the US market at the Iowa Power Farming Show (Booth 2406) in Des Moines, Iowa, on February 1-3, 2022, and at the National Farm Machinery Show (Booth 8859) in Louisville, Kentucky, on February 16-19, 2022.

About Our Local Partners

Deep Sand Technology LLC (DST)

Deep Sand Technology LLC is a US based company that imports technology into the North American market. DST offers commercial, marketing, and technical support for the products they import.

Rancho Nexo

Rancho Nexo, strategically located in Guelph, Ontario Canada and Mexico City, Mexico, is dedicated to connecting the world with the power of internationally sourced technology. Rancho Nexo brings innovators and global channel partners together, delivering technology into new markets. Rancho Nexo opens doors for innovative tech companies to access export markets more efficiently and effectively. Explore what Rancho Nexo has to offer at www.RanchoNexo.com.

VRO Consultoria Empresarial

VRO Consultoria Empresarial is a Brazil based company that assists agricultural companies that offer products and services that want to do business in Latin America to be able to understand how to do business in Latin America. VRO Consultoria Empresarial offers consulting services and imports products that meet the needs of farm operations in Latin America. www.vroconsult.com

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