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  • NMEA Positioning
    Info Transfer
  • Terrain
  • U-turn
  • Vision-based
    Precision Farming
  • Remote Control &
    Unmanned Mode
  • Online
    Support & OTA
FJD Autosteering Kit
Easy to Install in 30min
It is a compatible application control that allows software, vehicles and implements, regardless of their brand, to “talk” to each other. Real-time status is provided, such as seed storage in equipment, giving you a greater control of inputs for making better investment decisions!
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*Upgrade in May.
GIS Data Import/Export
Field information can be edited and imported into FJD devices, and the historical operation data from other devices can be imported using the data transfer function.
*Upgrade in April.
Terrain Compensation
Terrain compensation calculates the difference between the GPS antenna’s location and the actual desired position of the vehicle’s center point on the ground, no matter what slope the vehicle is on. Autosteering Kit uses an IMU sensor to calculate the actual position of the vehicle to help minimize skips and overlaps in areas with rolling terrain, slopes, and rough ground.
position without terrain compensation position with
terrain compensation
*Upgrade in April.
U-turn Auto-driving
Under low speed U-turn auto-driving mode, the operator only needs to step on the brake when reaching a turning point, then the vehicle is able to automatically turn around without any manual operation.
*Upgrade in April.
AI Vision-based Precision Farming
Vehicle guidance uses vision-based deep learning for harvesters and sprayers to enable hands-free driving and column alignment. Crops and weeds could be differentiated by our technology to reduce the use of fertilizer and herbicide while maximizing yields.
Powered by in-house developed AI cameras, vehicles can recognize every single plant in the field and apply corresponding measures to it.
*This feature is only available to selected customers.
AI Camera
Model FJ-A100
Dimension 198mm*100mm*75mm
Weight 812g
Working Temperature -20°C~70°C
FOV Horizontal 87.5, vertical 47.5
Upgrade OTA
Light Detection
Online Support
Remote Control & Unmanned Mode
Long-distance remote control enables vehicles to be controlled remotely or to enter unmanned mode. Safety comes first, millimeter-wavelength radar is activated to identify obstacles and raise the alarm.
Image-transmission Module & Remote Control
* Upgrade to unmanned mode by purchasing the upgrade package, including sensors and other parts to support obstacle detection and avoidance.
Online Support and OTA
FJD official support center will provide online diagnostics for consulting and trouble shooting ASAP if any issue occurs.
Centimeter-level Positioning
Sensor module ensures high precision and reliability,
GNSS antennas with ultra-strong and stable signal,
Accuracy up to 2.5cm at an average speed of 0.7-15 km/h,
Straight line or curve mode selected,
Any weather, anytime, anywhere, accuracy guarantee.
Sensor Module
GNSS Antenna
Base Station
*Network RTK & Mobile RTK Base (optional)
Extensive compatibility
Suitable for various brands of agri-machines.
Suitable for all fieldwork operations.
* Software regularly updated over 15 languages.

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