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GNSS and multi-type sensor modules lead to high-precision construction, and give operators of all skill levels the ability to be more productive than ever before! Safety guarantee, cost reduction, efficiency improvement and profit boost in engineering construction

High-Precision Construction

Accurate positioning in real time based on GNSS and RTK
The real-time access to the coordinates of movable arms and bucket rod
Help us to know exactly where the bucket teeth are and to acquire 3D guidance

High-Precision Construction

Under assisted mode, the bucket and boom will operate automatically while operator just needs to control arm
There is no huge gap between a newbie and an oldbie
Operation accuracy 3cm based on multi-type sensor modules, leading the industry


Static Accuracy±3.0 cm
Assisted Operation Accuracy±5.0 cm
Working Temperature -30°C - +70°C
Waterproof RateIP65
Power Supply12-24V

Refined Construction

  • Slope Brushing
  • Land Leveling
  • Wading Operation
  • Deep Excavation

Task Visualization

Easy-to-learn HMI platform
Virtual datum lines combining with real construction environments enable operators to have a more clearer view of construction status

Adaptive learning currently in development.

Slope and Depth Setting

Set slope and depth as required navigation will be provided by system

Slope and Depth Setting

CAD Drawing Import

The construction drawings could be imported into control system directly to assist construction

CAD Drawing Import

Custom Design

Without design drawings operators could set datum points on the spot Combine with the built-in transection templates 3D visual files could be synthesized for a smooth start

Custom Design
01 02 03

Safety Guarantee

Safety Guarantee High-precision construction anytime even in low visibility conditions Continuous running for more than 2min even when RTK disconnected

The virtual E-fence could be activated when working in narrow or restricted spaces to limit the rotation angle and boom height of the excavator with automatic alerts as limit exceeded

* These functions only available to selected customers.

Safety Guarantee

Safety Guarantee Remote control mode enables operators to control the movement of the excavator from a distance, making construction safer in dangerous working conditions

Advanced planning of working routes for unmanned operation With LiDAR scanning of construction terrain information for real-time access to digging and filling volumes and work progress

* These functions only available to selected customers.

Product Configuration and Functions

Unmanned Version* Camera
Image-transmission Module
Real-time image transmission of work status
LiDARx2 Scan dynamics excavation information, including completed amount and real-time changes in terrain
Remote Control Long-distance Wi-Fi communication
Display and control 2 in 1 module for remote control
3D Guidance Version 4G Antenna Cellular data communications
Sensor Modules Get real-time information of the bucket, boom, arm and machine body
GNSS Antenna Receive GNSS position information of the excavator
Control Terminal 3D guidance system with multiple interfaces for further functional upgrades (Android-based)
* Upgrade to unmanned mode by purchasing the upgrade package.

Extensive Adaptability

More possibilities to discover engineering construction upgrade solutions
Accessible for many different fields as follows

Transport infrastructure
Dam and reservoir construction

Suitable for various brands of engineering machineries

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