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All you wanna know about FJD products
1. Which agricultural machines are supported by the FJDynamics Autosteering Kit?

FJDynamics Autosteering Kit supports different types of vehicles, including tractors, sprayers, and harvesters. For more information on specific models, please consult your local dealer.

2. Where can I get the installation method?

You can find the Installation Tutorial in our Download Center.

3. What should I do if the installation fails?

Please contact the local dealer or check the after-sales information on the website if any problem occurs.

4. Can this Autosteering kit be adopted to open station tractors but not only the cabin tractors?

Yes. You just need to fix the antennas at the 2 sides on the top of tractor (Note: Stay away from the block position).

5. Is there any problem with bad weather, like rain, snow, etc.?

The system is able to work for all weather, with the waterproof and dustproof ≥IP65. Also, we provide the waterproof and dustproof protection case for the control terminal.

6. What is the operating temperature range of the FJDynamics Autosteering Kit?

-20℃- +70℃

7. What is the dimension of the motor?

Diameter: 18cm; Thickness: 8cm.

8. If my tractor has a fender on my steering wheel or the axle, how can I install the angle sensor?

Our latest angle sensor is the attitude angle sensor, which only requires a bolt on the front wheel to fix it. And the angle sensor itself can accept a certain angle for installation, so even if there is a fender, the angle sensor can also be used normally. In addition, even if the angle sensor is not installed, you can choose the no angle sensor mode for automatic driving.

9. How to use RTK service?

We provide two types of RTK services: Mobile Base Station Services and Network Base Station Services (The availability of Network Base Station Services depends on your local RTK service provider). With FJD Mobile Base Station, you can operate in high-precision without worrying about the 4G network.

10. What is the accuracy of the system? Do mobile network RTK and radio RTK base have the same accuracy?

The system accuracy is up to ±2.5cm.
Under the mobile network RTK and base station RTK modes, the accuracy is the same.

11. What types of RTK signal does your device support?


12. Why does the kit have 2 GNSS receivers?

The 2 antennas have 2 different functions. One is for location, one is for direction.

13. What is the maximum driving speed in Autosteering mode? If the accuracy will change as speed increases?

Maximum: 12km/h; Minimum: 0.7km/h.
The accuracy remains the same even at high speed.

14. Besides the AB straight line, can it also apply to circular path?

The circular path is being developed.

15. If we don’t use the built-in battery of the tractor, can we use additional power supply to charge the kit?

Yes. You can use 12/24V stable power supply. In order to prevent battery power loss, try to choose 24V power supply.

16. How to guarantee the after-sales service?

FJDynamics has very professional supporting teams. Once there is an issue with your device, we will arrange the local supporting team to respond you and provide services in a timely manner, aiming to bring you the best user experience.
In addition, FJD official support center can provide online diagnostics for consulting and trouble shooting.

All you wanna know about FJD products
1. Which brands are FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System compatible with?

The FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System is suitable for various brands, such as SANY, Komatsu, Cat, etc.

2. Can FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System be installed on wheeled excavators?

Yes, it can be installed on both crawler and wheeled excavators.

3. What are the advantages of FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System?

Self-developed 3D model algorithm combines with inertial measurement sensing technology and RTK centimeter-level positioning to achieve high-precision excavator attitude output and provide accurate construction guidance, with accuracy up to 3cm.

4. How to deal with installation, parameter measurement and calibration?

After purchasing FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System, the dealer will be responsible for installation; if you install it independently, installation and calibration tutorials will be provided.

5. Do I need to calibrate the bucket again after I dismantle and re-install the bucket that has been calibrated, when the bucket has to be changed due to different working conditions?

No. Because the sensor is mounted on the connecting rod, so the connecting rod will not be affected when replacing the bucket. If you dismantle the bucket and install it again, you only need to select the corresponding parameters in the parameter list, without calibrating it again.

6. How to use RTK service?

RTK is a high-precision satellite geolocation technology, and the service is provided in two ways: network and base station. Users could buy the former on-demand and pay an annual fee, and effect depends on the quality of 4G/5G network around the operation environment; as the latter, users could buy-out it. Users can buy FJDynamics mobile base station series products and place them in the operation environment when using it, which is stable and reliable.

7. What is the working temperature range of FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System?


8. Do I need to pay for online upgrade?

Free online upgrade is supported. You only need to connect the product to the network and download the upgrade package that is provided by us regularly, getting more complete and compelling product experience. (Online upgrades will incur data charges, which will be charged by telecom operators).

9. How do I upgrade to Assisted One-Key Slope Brushing / Land Leveling?

The product needs to be upgraded with other required hardware (hardware can be added according to user requirements). Please consult your local dealer for details.

10. How to get after-sales service?

Please contact the local dealer or check the after-sales information on the website if any problem occurs.

FJDynamics has very professional supporting teams. Once there is an issue with your device, we will arrange the local supporting team to respond you and provide services in a timely manner, aiming to bring you the best user experience.In addition, FJD official support center can provide online diagnostics for consulting and trouble shooting.

All you wanna know about FJD products
1. Will disinfectant corrode the robot?

Recommended disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid will not corrode the robot if they are atomized on the robot surface. If you want to use other disinfectants, please contact us for reference.

2. What should I do if UV light tube is damaged?

Please beware of personal protection and stay in safety zone during operation to prevent damage of UV light. Turn on the UV light to check if it is damaged. If so, dismantle the protective light cover, take out the damaged light tube (spin the tube 90°), and replace it with a new FJD UV light tube of the same model.

3. What kind of disinfectant can I use?

Detergents such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid.If you want to use other disinfectants, please contact us for reference. Do not use flammable disinfectants like alcohol.

4. How long is the maintenance guarantee?

The maintenance guarantee for main parts is 1 year.

5. What should I do if the atomizing is unsuccessful during operation?

Ensure that you are well-protected before checking. Manually turn on/off the robot and see if the nebulizer, pump, or fans are damaged. If so, contact us and replace it/them with a new one.

6. What should I do when the machine fails to charge normally?

Turn on the remote controller if the charging pile operates normally. Then charge the robot in Settings-Super Admin Mode.

7. What are the functions of indicator lights?

Different colors of indicator lights show that the robot is at different stages.

Robot status Indicator light’s status
on red, green, and blue lights on in turn and flash quickly
connected to the Internet only green light constantly on
connected to remote controller only blue light flashes quickly
connected to the Internet and remote controller blue light constantly on
pause green light flashes quickly
insufficient atomizing red and green lights flash quickly
30% battery level lower than 30% red light constantly on
battery level lower than 20% red light flashes quickly
update green light flashes slowly
charging green and blue lights flash slowly
8. Can I update the robot software online for free?

Yes. Just connect the product to the Internet and download our updated software package for better user experience (online update uses data and your Internet operator will charge corresponding fees).

9. What should I do when the positioning of the robot the charging pile is not accurate?

Back the robot to the charging pile by operating the remote controller. Re-position the robot in Settings-Super Admin or restart the robot.

10. Is the disinfection effective?

Both disinfection modes, UVC and ultra-dry spray (smaller than 10μm) can reach a disinfection rate of more than 99.99%. The disinfection covers every corner at a speed of 240m²/h, applicable in all scenarios and extremely time-and-cost-saving.

11. What is the maximum size for disinfection?

Around 2000㎡.

12. Will the use of robot be harmful to human body?

There are two disinfection modes for the robot: UVC mode and atomizing mode. Turn on UVC mode when there is no people around to prevent the harm caused by UVC. Turn on spray mode when there are people around but keep them away (different disinfectants might do harm to human at different levels).

13. Are there protective measures against related harm in the robot?

The robot will alarm and warn people to leave the disinfection zone when the human sensor in the robot senses people around. If people keep staying in the area, the robot will end operation automatically and return to the charging pile after alarming human detected.

14. Are there risks in auto charging?

The robot will stop charging when the battery level reaches 100%, leaving no safety risk.

15. What should I do when the robot operates abnormally or emergencies happen?

1.try to stop the robot using remote controller.
2.Press the emergency stop button if the measures above fail to work.

16. What are the requirements for the robot’s working environment?

Use it on indoor flat ground. Do not use it outdoors (like an open balcony) or in rugged environments (like staircases). Do not use it when the temperature is above 50℃ or below 0℃ or when there is remaining fluid or sticky things on the ground.

17. What does FJD after-sales service include?

Our professional technical service team will provide you with immediate solution once you encounter any problems related to our product. We also provide remote technical support for your consultancy and troubleshooting.


All you wanna know about FJD products
1. Will the mower avoid obstacles?

Yes. It is equipped with vision-based obstacle avoidance system.

2. What should I do if the mower fails to start?

a. Check if batteries are fully charged;

b. Refer to the operation guide and start the mower accordingly;

c. Contact our authorized dealer for further assistance.

3. How to operate the mower manually?

1. Turn on the main power, release Emergent Stop, unlock the electric door lock, and turn on the display screen.

2. Sit on the seat, keep the blade switch off, and switch the gearstick to N.

3. Move Forward: Push left and right gear sticks forward in the same distance

Move Backward: Pull left and right gear sticks backward in the same distance.

Turn Left: push right gearstick further from N than left gearstick

Note: keep right gearstick still and pull left gearstick backward to switch from moving forward to turning left successfully

Turn Right: Push left gearstick further from N than right gearstick

Note: Keep left gearstick still and pull right gearstick backward to switch from moving forward to turning right successfully

4. How do I stop the mower during manual operation or when an emergency happens?

Method 1: Back 2 gearsticks to N and P.

Method 2: Press Emergent Stop

5. How long can the mower operate?

Batteries can support up to 5 hours’ operation in one go.

6. How long do I need to charge the mower?

5 hours is needed to fully charge the mower.

7. How do I keep the mower?

Keep the mower in dry and cool places indoors. Keep it away from rain, water, and sunshine.

8. Will the mower get stuck during mowing?

The mower is likely to be stuck and stop automatically when mowing thick and tall grass, then you need to clean the grass and restart the mower.

9. How do I change the blades?

Raise the front of the mower or the whole mower before replacing.

10. Can I adjust the seat?

The seat is equipped with safety strap and can be adjusted back and forth.

11. What is the frequency for remote controller?


12. How do I replace mower’s batteries?

Step one: Flip the seat away, open the protective board, and replace the 6 batteries; open the control box cover and the control board, and then replace the 4 batteries;

Step two: Turn off the main power before replacing batteries.

13. Why is it important to maintain correct tire pressure?

Proper tire pressure is good for traction, sitting comfort, mowing effect and easy turning.

14. Why should I use FJD original parts?

Using FJD original parts will lengthen mower’s service life and promise mower’s normal operation.

15 What kind of mower is FJD Auto Lawnmower?

This is the rotary lawnmower equipped with 2 independent motor-powered rotary blades.

16. How do I charge the mower?

Step one: Connect the charging port and then turn on the power switch;

Step two: Check charging status via the indicator lights.


All you wanna know about FJD products
1. What is the size of the sprayer?

2625cm (L)×1160cm (W)×1500cm (H)

2. What is the capacity of the tank?


3. What is the maximum slope that the sprayer can operate on?

25° (in idle condition).

4. What are the requirements on the sprayer’s working condition?

The ground should be flat, with maximum slopes of 25° and maximum tilt angles of 15°; the passage for operation should be no less than 1.2m (W)×1.5m (H); the trees should be lower than 4m.

5. What is the spraying diameter?

16-20m (no wind or sheltering).

6. What is the farthest operation area in remote control mode?

Within 800m and 1000m.

7. How long can the remote controller operate?


8. How many engines are there in the sprayer?

Two engines. One is traveling engine and the other is spraying engine.

9. What kind of fuel does the orchard sprayer use?


10. How long can the sprayer operate when it is fully fueled?

≥4h (in theory)

11. What is the spraying method for the sprayer?

The first and second atomization are carried out by nozzles and high-pressure blower respectively.

12. How many nozzles are there in the sprayer?


13. Can I open/close each nozzle independently?


14. Is the caliber of nozzles adjustable?

Each nozzle has 2 calibers and you can select one of them accordingly.

15. What are the requirements on the spray?

Regular sprays are usable. For mixed spray, please prepare and use it when needed to ensure drug efficacy.

16. Which functions can be operated via the remote controller?

You can start the sprayer, increase/decrease speed, and make the sprayer spray and turn via the remote controller.

17. Are cameras installed in the sprayer?

There is one camera in the front of the sprayer and one in the back. You can get images of the front and the back of the sprayer via remote controller.


FJD Auto-Kit Installation Instruction English 2021-03-01
FJD Auto-Kit User Manual English 2020-11-10
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