FJD AG1 Guidance System: A Beginner-Friendly Gateway to Precision Farming

Are you looking to improve your tractor operations but unsure about investing in a full-fledged autosteering system? You're not alone. Many farmers also face challenges with manual steering—overlaps, missed spots, wasted resources, and lots of things like that happen in everyday's farming operations, but with no better way out. That's where the FJD AG1 Guidance System comes in—an entry-level, manual guidance solution designed specifically for farmers like you. The AG1 makes productivity accessible to you even if you're just a beginner. 

Why Manual Steering Become a Pain?

Manual tractor steering, while a mainstay of traditional farming practices, has notoriously been a headache for most technology-averse famers, even the steadiest of hands couldn't prevent overlaps and skips when driving a tractor across rugged terrain or intricate farmland. The purely manual operation introduces an unavoidable degree of inaccuracy. Some of the inherent limitations include:

  • Rework and Missed Areas: Manual steering can lead to overlaps and missed areas, resulting in wasted resources, uneven crop growth, and potential yield reduction. 
  • Reduced Efficiency: The physical fatigue and mental strain associated with manual steering can lead to reduced operator concentration, slower work speeds, and increased errors. 
  • Limited Automation Potential: Manual tractor operation limits the adoption of advanced farming techniques that rely on precise data and automated control, such as variable-rate application and GPS-based field mapping. 

Precision Farming Comes Easy as It Should Be

The FJD AG1 Guidance System addresses these challenges head-on, allowing farmers to drive their tractors as before with more precise guidances, instead of wrapping their head around the most mind-bending judgment. The AG1 offers a fantastic starting point for any farmer interested in precision farming. Its simplicity and practicality make it a valuable tool for farmers with varying levels of driving experience. 

  • Flexible Path Planning: Farmers can easily create or import field boundaries and generate optimized paths for various farming operations, ensuring efficient and consistent coverage. This feature can save them from the guesswork and inconsistencies that come with manual path plotting. 
  • Real-time Path Deviation Guidance: The system provides real-time feedback on the tractor's position relative to the planned path, allowing operators to make adjustments as needed, minimizing rework and missed areas. 
  • Multiple Accuracy Solutions for Precise Positioning: In addition to general GNSS services, the system can deliver 10-20 cm accuracy utilizing PPP (Galileo & BeiDou supported), and 20-50 cm accuracy by SBAS without the need for network or base station infrastructure. Additionally, exceptional positioning accuracy of 2.5 cm can be achieved through RTK with network or base station.

Use, Upgrade, and Get More Productivity

We know that farmers often don't have much time for extended selection of systems proper for their needs, despite the fact that their technology requirements change over time. So we keep this consideration in our product design and help them get everything they need in just one stop. 

That's why the FJD AG1 is more than just a standalone system. It's designed to be compatible with our advanced autosteering systems, such as the FJD AT2 Auto Steer System. This allows farmers to seamlessly upgrade their manual guidance system to a fully autosteering one when they consider investing more to increase productivity. 

A Quick Gateway to Precision Farming with AG1

The FJD AG1 Guidance System empowers farmers to take their first steps towards a more productive, profitable, and sustainable future. With its exceptional precision, user-friendly interface, and affordability, the AG1 system breaks down barriers to precision farming, boosting productivity across the labor-intensive agriculture industry. 

Using the AG1, you'll discover that a steering guidance system is not as daunting as it seems. Whether you're a green hand or someone drives a tractor daily, the AG1 can be your gateway to the fascinating world of precision agriculture. Get started, experiment, and enjoy the journey into precision farming with the AG1.

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