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Digital Construction

We don’t do construction, but we are transforming construction. FJD machine control system is based on GNSS positioning, RTK technology and multi-sensor integration, and is recognized for our open and compatible solutions. It is possible to deliver seamless workflow on various job sites.
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Precision Agriculture

From GPS guidance technology, auto steering for tractors, to precision farming system,we have precision agriculture solutions to streamline your day-to-day work to increase efficiency and profitability.
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Measure the world with our precision technology.Surveying, measuring, mapping, and 3D modeling, we use precision technology to serve professionals in various industries. Including hardware and software, FJD Trion offers accurate and reliable geospatial solutions for customers.
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Electric tools have been the key to enhancing productivity across industries. Committed to new energy, here at FJDynamics, we have been making consistent investments in energy management and the R&D of new power tools. The goal of our efforts remains the same — to boost people’s efficiency with tools they love to use.
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