• FJD Autosteering Kit

    FJD Autosteering Kit

    Hands-free and more productive! FJDynamics offers the autonomous driving system with easy installation, helping agri-vehicles to have automatic driving transformation.

  • AL01 3D Land Leveling System

    AL01 3D Land Leveling System

    FJD AL01 3D land leveling system, based on GNSS & RTK technology, achieving 2.5cm leveling accuracy. Provide solution for precision ground leveling.

  • FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System

    FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System

     Real-time access to the coordinates of movable arms and bucket lead to high-precision construction, giving operators of all skill levels the ability to be more productive than ever before!

  • FJD Smart Pile Driver Guidance System

    FJD Smart Pile Driver Guidance System

    FJDynamics Smart Pile Driver Guidance System This system applies high-precision GNSS real-time kinematic positioning technology, leading to precise alignment and cm-level piling accuracy

  • FJD Lawnmower

    Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner

    FJD Trion S1 LiDAR 3D scanner, high portability: handheld, backpack, drone, car, ship. 320,000 scan points per second, quickly catch high-quality scans.

  • FJD Lawnmower

    FJD Vidar

     Redefine your mowing experience with GNSS positioning and robotics technology. To explore how FJDynamics makes a perfect cut.



    2000W Power Station with Removable Batteries. Full Power Again in Seconds, 2264Wh King Capacity, Removable Battery Pack, 2H Fast Charging.

  • RTK Base Station

    RTK Base Station

    FJD Reference Station utilizes advanced RTK technology and data transmission to satisfy users' requirements for precise positioning.

  • Wi-Fi Camera

    Wi-Fi Camera

    Quick installation, Real-time access to the operational status of attachments and the vehicle.

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