Disinfection Robot

Fight Global Battle on the Pandemic

  • 0m2
  • 0m2
    Coverage Area
  • 0h
    Battery Time
  • 0μw/cm2
    UV Intensity
  • 0L/h
    Atomization Rate
  • 0μm
    Particle Size
Easy Use in All Environments
  • School
  • Supermarket
  • Hospital
  • Office

Customer Case - Hong Kong

Auto Mode
Manual Mode
  • 0m2

    Autonomous Patrol

  • 0m

    3D Distance Detection

  • 0m

    Minimum Passage Width

  • Multi-robot Cooperation
  • Map Visualization. Automatically patrol in the predetermined area
  • Remotely scheduled. Task Memory. Resume from Breakpoint
  • Ultrasound LiDAR. Obstacle Avoidance
  • Real-time Monitoring. Traceable log records
Super High Efficiency
Spray + UV 2 in 1 module, suits for various disinfection tasks
12m² Coverage Area for Disinfection
≥99.99% Disinfection Rate
8h Duration Time
Complete disinfection for a 2000m²-large venue at a time
6 sets of 30W Philips UVC lamps
≥213μW/cm² within 4m-diameter range
6 sets of atomizer
≤ 10 μm Particle Size
Up to 0.5L/h Atomization Rate
Spray mist evenly
Multiple Protection
  • Infrared ray detection
  • UV-C Grid guard. Chassis Anticollision
  • Remote maintenance regularly
  • Water low protection. Voice alert
Map Visualization: An intuitive display of the real-time position of robot in map
Machine Size 745mm*480mm*1561.5mm
Net Weight ≤80kg
Waterproof and Dustproof IP54
Navigation Method SLAM
Power of Driving Motor 500W
Battery Capacity 18Ah
Operating Hours 8H
Sterilization Rate ≥ 99.99 %
Disinfection Efficiency 1000m³/15min
Sterilization Speed 240 m²/h
Disinfection Tank Capacity 10L
Spray Type Sodium hypochlorite,hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, etc
Spray Particle Size ≤10μm
Spray Rate 0.5L/h
UV Radiation Intensity(1m) ≥213μW/c㎡ (254nm)
UV Lamp Power 180W
UV Irradiation Direction 360°
UV Light Coverage Radius 5-8m
FJD Disinfection Robot
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