• Wireless Modules Wireless Modules Wireless
  • Centimeter Centimeter Centimeter
  • One-man Installation One-man Installation One-man
  • 100H Battery Life 100H Battery Life 100H
    Battery Life
  • Terrain Digitalization Terrain Digitalization Solar
  • Entry-Level Friendly Entry-Level Friendly Entry-Level

This is Easydig

Easydig is a wireless 2D excavator guidance system that leads the industry with centimeter accuracy. It’s so easy to use that even newbies can get started quickly.

The 2D excavator guidance system comes with a modular design that allows you to switch between machines. Every operator can get it at an affordable price.

Key Benefits

Digital Construction VS Traditional Construction
Labor Hours
Labor Cost

Application Scenarios

Road Construction
Swimming Pools
Residential Projects
Car Parks

Entry-level Friendly

The centimeter accuracy enabled by algorithms lets you know the precise position of the bucket teeth, so you can avoid over-digs and under-digs, and cut slopes to your desired grade easily.
Set your target depth, width, length, and grade right on the site and get started in no time.
3D real-time animation guidance helps avoid repeated measurement and rework.

Interface Customization

The HMI system provides 8 perspectives and 4 interface view modes, which can be freely combined and presented according to work habits and needs.

One-man Installation

With the modular and wireless design, this 2D excavator grade control system is easy to set up and switch between machines.

Core Components

Control Terminal 
Wireless Sensor
Calibration Laser Package

10.1" touch screen.

Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and Radio.

Visible HMI displays real-time operation information.

Wireless sensors detect the attitude of the boom, stick, and bucket. With solar charging and an on/off switch, they can be easily reinstalled on another excavator without maneuvering cables.

Laser: Used to automatically calibrate the length of the boom and stick and correct the angle deviation of the boom and stick sensors.

Magnetic Bar: Attached to the linkage pin for calibrating the boom, stick, and bucket.

Telescopic Tube: For adjusting laser height.


Works with a variety of excavator brands

Online Service & OTA

  • Wireless Modules OTA Update
  • Centimeter 24/7
    Online Service
  • One-man Installation Local Support
    (Availability Depends)
  • 100H Battery Life 2-Year

2 Different Systems Configurations

2D Excavator Guidance System
  • Affordable price
  • Wireless modules
  • Easy to install & calibrate
  • Beginner friendly
3D Excavator Guidance System
  • 3cm accuracy
  • 3D visual guidance
  • Site design
  • Tilt bucket support
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