Overall Weight (Battery Included) 464±20 kg
Overall Length 1785 mm
Overall Width (Side Discharge Cover Included) 1325 mm
Overall Width (Side Discharge Cover Lifted) 1165 mm
Overall Height (Antenna Included) 2255 mm
Overall Height (No Antenna) 1515 mm
Cutter Deck
Blades Qty 2
Cutter Deck Size 1040mm
Cutting Height 20—102 mm
Overall Vehicle
Max Permissible Gradient 20°
Stable Parking Angle 16.7°
Forward SpeedHigh Gear ≤10 km/h
Low Gear ≤5 km/h
Max Astern Speed ≤5 km/h
Working Voltage (Rated Voltage) 48 V
Battery Capacity 8.64 kW·h
Charging Duration 5 h
Battery Life 4-5 h
GNSS Antenna
Frequency Range GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, BDS B1/B2/B3
Working Voltage 3.3 - 12 V
Assisted Operation Accuracy  ± 5.0 cm
Power Supply 12-24V
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