Vehicle Weight 591 kg
Size (length*width*height) 2625*1160*1500 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 150 mm
Spray Tank Capacity 500 L
Operation Pressure 1.0~2.0 MPa
Fluid Pump Flow 30~45 L/min
Fluid Pump Rev 700~800 r/min
Spray Radius 8~10 m
Nozzle No. 12
Operation Power 6 kw
Spray Power 8.8 kw
Max. Gradeability 30 °
Tilt Angle 15 °
Min. Rotation Radius ≥1.2 m
Forward SpeedGear 1 0.68±6% km/h
Gear 2 1.15±6% km/h
Gear 3 1.9±6% km/h
Gear 4 2.7±6% km/h
Gear 5 4.32±6% km/h
Gear 6 6.95±6% km/h
Backward SpeedGear 1 0.9±6% km/h
Gear 2 3.38±6% km/h
Remote Control
Remote Control Distance 800~1000 m
Controller Battery Life 8~10 h
Charging Duration 6 h
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