• High-pressure common rail engine High-pressure common rail engine
  • Three driving modes Three driving modes
  • Shuttle shift Shuttle shift
  • Anti-sinking lightweight design Anti-sinking lightweight design
  • Enhanced front axle Enhanced front axle
  • Flexible operation Flexible operation
Superior powerSuperior power
Enhanced front axleEnhanced front axle
Three-point hitchThree-point hitch

RAGNAR R70 comes with a four-cylinder common-rail diesel engine that features direct and multiple fuel injection, allowing for more complete combustion and lower fuel consumption. The 70 horsepower and 265 N•m torque output help get your work done efficiently.

Enhanced front axle

RAGNAR R70 works with an enhanced front axle designed specifically for paddy fields. The mid-mounted hydraulic cylinder helps deliver superb power performance while keeping the structure simple and reliable. With a larger turning angle and a small turning radius, the tractor can turn flexibly.

Three-point hitch

The Category II three-point hitch conforms to the international standard. Compatible with a wide range of implements, the enhanced lift arms and quick hitch improve the overall strength of the tractor.

  • 0/30

    high tire

  • 0mm

    Ground clearance

  • 0m

    Minimum turning radius

Anti-sinking design

  • The front axle, gearbox, and rear axle use combination oil seals for mud protection, a dedicated design for paddy field operations.
  • The lightweight tractor is equipped with 16.9/30 paddy field tires, making paddy field operations easier.
  • The 415 mm ground clearance provides great passability even in deep paddy fields.
  • With a minimum turning radius of just 4.1 m, the tractor is able to make a U-turn within limited space.

Rear camera (optional)

The rear camera allows the operator to observe operation status anytime without looking back, improving operation efficiency and safety.

Rear camera (optional)

Driving comfort

The steering wheel can be adjusted flexibly to suit the body shape of the operator.


Driving comfort

The heating and air-conditioning systems in the cab ensure driving comfort in all weathers.

Driving comfort

Driving comfort

The shock absorbing seat can be adjusted forward and backward to avoid fatigue over a long operation time.

Driving comfort

Autosteering Kit (optional)

You can drive in the conventional or assisted driving mode. The pre-installed Autosteering Kit provides assisted driving along AB straight lines. In the assisted driving mode, the tractor travels and performs operations with the help of guidance lines, reducing the labor cost and increasing the work efficiency.

Smart precision operation (optional)

The pre-installed Autosteering Kit delivers an operation accuracy of 2.5 cm with the help of guidance lines. By precisely controlling the operation width, the Autosteering Kit meets all your requirements for precision operation with higher operation quality, land utilization, and yield.

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