• Points Per Second 320,000 Points Per Second
  •  0.8-2cm Accuracy 0.8-2cm Accuracy
  • 16 Sensors 16 Sensors
  • 120 Range 120 m Range
  • Real-Time Point Cloud Real-Time
    Point Cloud
  • Indoor & Outdoor Scanning Indoor & Outdoor
  • Lightweight  and More Portable Lightweight
    and More Portable
  • Dual Battery Dual Battery
FJD Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner

A New Way To Scan The World

FJD Trion S1 3D LiDAR scanner offers a new way to "look" the world around you. With 320,000 scan points per second, Trion S1 3D LiDAR scanner can quickly catch high-quality scans. Powered by Leading SLAM algorithm, Trion S1 can also capture, process and display accurate point clouds on the mobile terminal in real-time.
Trion S1 LiDAR 3D Scanner Components: Datalogger, Scanner, Mobile APP - Trion Scan, Web Software - Trion Metahub

Application Scenarios

Indoor, outdoor, and underground without a GNSS receiver.
  • Scan to BIM, Application of LiDAR 3D Scanner Scan to BIM
  • Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner applied in Facility Digitalization Facility Digitalization
  • Heritage Conservation -  Application of LiDAR 3D Scanner Heritage Conservation
  • Pile Measurement -  Application of TTrion S1 Handheld LiDAR Scanner Pile Measurement
  • Volume Measurement
                  -  Application of Trion S1 Handheld LiDAR Scanner Volume Measurement
  • Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner applied in Forestry Surveying Forestry Surveying

Real-time Point Cloud

Real-time display of point cloud and process by SLAM.
  • 320,000Points Per Second
  • 0.8-2cmAccuracy

Further Range

Thanks to built-in LiDAR 3D scanning technology, Trion S1 3D LiDAR scanner allows you to capture precise long-range 3D measurements of complex objects and shapes from up to 120 meters.
  • 360°Vertical FOV
  • 270°Horizontal FOV
  • 120mRange

Dual Battery

Hot-swappable dual batteries for uninterruptible power supply. Reliable SLAM for scanning across multiple floors.


As a 3D LiDAR scanner, it is lightweight and portable, which could be used indoor;outdoor and underground, even in the sky with drones.
  • Handheld LiDAR scanner Handheld
  • Backpack LiDAR 3D scanner Backpack
  • Drone LiDAR scanner Drone
  • Car & Ship LiDAR 3D scanner Car & Ship

Your Own Point Clouds Studio

Trion Scan - Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner Mobile APP
Trion Metahub - Trion S1 3D LiDAR Web Software

* Coming soon

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