3-position power output switch

3-position power output switch

3-position power output switch

Enhanced front axle

6-cylinder high-pressure common rail engine

6-cylinder high-pressure common rail engine

High-performance gearbox

High-performance gearbox

High-accuracy RTK-based navigation

High-accuracy RTK-based navigation



Pre-installed Autosteering Kit

You can drive in the conventional or assisted driving mode. The pre-installed Autosteering Kit provides assisted driving along AB straight lines. In the assisted driving mode, the tractor travels and performs operations with the help of guidance lines, reducing the labor cost and increasing the work efficiency.

High-precision RTK-based navigation

The pre-installed Autosteering Kit delivers an operation accuracy of 2.5 cm with the help of guidance lines. By precisely controlling the operation width, the Autosteering Kit meets all your requirements for precision operation with higher operation quality, land utilization, and yield.

Real-time operation monitoring

The remote operation monitoring system calculates the operation area and detects the operation position in real time, delivering smart and worry-free work experience.





Sufficient power for upland field operations.

The 460 L large fuel tank provides a longer operation time.
The 7,130 kg empty weight and high drawbar pull enable the tractor to work with heavy composite implements.
The 220 hp power delivers excellent starting performance and gradeabillity.


Large fuel tank


Empty weight


Superior power output

旱田作业动力十足 旱田作业动力十足
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