FJDynamics WiFi camera' automatic sensing for light intensity and infrared night vision support all-weather operations. With the display terminal in the guidance system, the driver can monitor both virtual and real scenes on one screen, making the operation more reliable.
  • HD video 1080P
    HD video
  • Max transmission rate 150Mbps
    Max transmission
    rate 150Mbps
  • Max transmission distance 20m
    Max transmission
    distance 20m
  • IP65 waterproof for harsh environment
    IP65 waterproof for
    harsh environment
  • Quick multi-angle installation without drilling
    Quick multi-angle installation
    without drilling
  •  Installed anywhere with power supply
    Installed anywhere
    with power supply



FJD Autosteering Kit

Equipped to FJDynamics auto steer kit for tractor. To achieve precise agriculture
3D Excavator Grade Control System

FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System

Equipped to FJDynamics 3D excavator grade control system. To achieve digital construction.
The control terminal could be connected to 2 cameras, and real-time images could be monitored and switched anytime. In addition, up to 4 cameras can be connected to meet specific needs.
Front viewFront view
Rear viewRear view
HD video 1080P. Max transmission rate 150Mbps. Max transmission distance 20m.
HD video 1080P
IP65 waterproof for harsh environment. Quick multi-angle installation without drilling.
Auto-connect after restart. Installed anywhere with power supply.

Traditional Wired Camera

Only can be installed around the tractor cab. Limited field of view, a large number of locations to be monitored are obscured.
Traditional Wired Camera Traditional Wired Camera

FJD Wi-Fi Camera

Can be installed anywhere with power supply, Providing unprecedented perspectives for the driver.
FJD Wi-Fi Camera FJD Wi-Fi Camera


Power Cord7m
Product Weight370g
Frequency Range2.4GHz~2.4835GHz
Input PowerDC 12V, 1A
Working Temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ 60℃
Infrared Radiation Range10m
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