FJDynamics Elevates Precision Farming with Powerful AT2 Upgrade at Agrishow 2024​

Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, April 29, 2024 - The agricultural technology world was abuzz as FJDynamics, a global leader in precision agriculture solutions, unveiled its highly anticipated FJD AT2 Auto Steer System v23.103.2 at Agrishow 2024. This comprehensive upgrade promises a giant leap in farming efficiency and productivity across Brazil and Latin America.

Building on its flagship GNSS and RTK-driven system's industry-leading 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy, the AT2 v23.103.2 introduces a suite of advanced capabilities tailored to diverse field operations and user needs. The version upgrade enhances guidance lines, updating Headland, Diagonal Harrowing, and Tramline functionalities, resulting in unparalleled versatility and ease of use.

A proven model that is continually evolving, the AT2 is enhanced by a combo of time-tested capabilities in the latest version v23.103.2 while retaining the legacy of industry-leading 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy, thanks to its flagship GNSS and RTK-capable system. The model has made considerable refinements covering guidance line, automatic turnaround, cellular module, and speed range, allowing all levels of farmers to master the terrain with complete confidence and great agility.

"A standout feature is the enhanced guidance lines functionality utilizing field boundaries for guidance lines generation," highlighted Eng Huang, a FJDynamics sales staff, during an interview with organizer representative Tamires. "This optimizes efficiency across tasks like diagonal harrowing, planting with tramlines, or curve tracking between boundaries."

Huang also spotlighted the system's incredible speed range—from an ultra-low 0.1–1 km/h for mulching specialty crops to a high 26 km/h for spraying operations. "The wide range of speed control unlocks maximum productivity across the entire crop cycle." Farmers can also transmit this speed information to their implements for future reference.

FJDynamics also made a spectacle of AT2’s other exciting features on the trade show. When Jedielson Almeida, a renowned agricultural influencer in Brazil, visited the FJDynamics booth, sales representative Harry Xu walked him through the major upgrades of the AT2 v23.103.2. "We've prioritized simplicity through an ISOBUS Virtual Terminal integration for seamless implement control and data exchange adhering to AEF certification standards," Xu explained. "The new 'Common SOP' diagnostics section offers intuitive troubleshooting for issues like system settings and signal quality."

In addition to the AT2, FJDynamics had a bunch of other innovations including AG1 Guidance System, AL01 3D Land Leveling System, V1 Base Station, and N20 Fixed High Power GNSS Station displayed on the stand, where most of the action aims to highlight what's been going on in the world of agriculture lately. The amazing lineup showcase has made a splash among the visitors. FJDynamics is really trying to drive home the idea of precision agriculture as a sustainable solution this year.

As global food demand intensifies amid unprecedented climate changes, the need for sustainable practices in agriculture has never been more urgent. FJDynamics is leading the way in fueling the next green revolution through cutting-edge technology solutions like the AT2 Auto Steer System. As a solid positive change-maker, FJDynamics offers a beacon of hope with precision agriculture for farmers seeking productivity and profitability, making cultivating a greener future possible for the world.

About FJDynamics

FJDynamics is on a mission to empower the most labor-intensive industries with accessible technological solutions. With R&D and operations centers in Singapore, U.S., Sweden, Hong Kong (China) and Chinese mainland, FJD is dedicated to simplifying workflows, enhancing productivity, and democratizing advanced technology for industries such as agriculture, digital construction and surveying across the world.

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