New Release: FJD Trion P1 V1.1 Available Now

A new firmware for the FJD Trion P1 is available. Check out what's new and improved below.

What's new


The FJD Trion Scan App now supports P1

Support for P1

Connect your P1 to FJD Trion Scan to manage project files, point cloud data, and run firmware updates. 

Updated the UI for a cleaner look and enhanced user experience

Updated UI

View scans in real-time, adjust settings, locate files, download data, and monitor device status right on your mobile device.

Download to external flash drives

Improved file transfer flexibility by supporting file downloads to mobile storage devices like flash drives.

Download to flash drive

Plug in a USB 3.0 storage device to the P1 and choose Download to external flash drive. Monitor progress as the selected files are downloading to ensure data integrity. 

Download multiple data formats

download to local

Select all the data formats to download so you have everything you need for each scan in one place. 

Support for panoramic camera file download

insv file download

A camera icon will appear when the panoramic camera is attached, and video recording will start and end automatically as you begin and finish your scanning missions. Download .insv files directly from FJD Trion Scan so you don't have to worry about transferring the files separately from the camera. 

WiFi band setting

wifi band setting

The device defaults to 2.4GHz band WiFi. In areas that support the 5GHz band, adjust settings for faster data transmission speeds.


  1. Faster download speed for .fjdslam data files.
  2. Optimize the mapping algorithm to improve the accuracy and quality of point cloud data.
  3. Fixed known issues to improve user experience.

Updating the Firmware of your FJD Trion P1

Before Connecting the P1 to the App

  1. Update the P1 to the latest firmware package before you attempt to connect it to the app.
  2. Download the latest firmware update package here
  3. Keep the P1 powered on during the update. Check your batteries or ensure consistent DC power supply.
  4. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser on your computer to run the update, though you could use a browser on your mobile device as well.

Update Process:

Once you have the latest update package downloaded and ready to go:
  1. Connect to Scanner WiFi:
    1. Power on and connect your computer to the scanner's WiFi.
  2. Access Firmware Settings:
    1. Open a Chrome browser, and visit "".
  3. Troubleshooting:
    1. If you have trouble visiting the address, check the WiFi connection, disable mobile data if you are using a mobile device, and try again.
  4. Upload and Install:
    1. Navigate to "Settings - Firmware Version" to upload and install the update package.


  1. Successful Upgrade:
    1. You can now use either the FJD Trion App or the browser version to connect to the P1, and run future firmware updates.
  2. Failed Upgrade:
    1. In case of failure, the system will prompt you to try again.
  3. Support and Assistance:
    1. For any issues during the upgrade, contact your regional sales manager.

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