Boosting Surveying Productivity: Unveiling the FJD Trion V10i GNSS System with Visual Positioning

In the world of professional surveying, precision and efficiency are paramount. Surveyors navigate challenging environments, tackle complex projects, and demand cutting-edge tools to get the job done right. That's where the FJD Trion V10i GNSS System steps in, setting new standards in the field. Let's explore the top features that make this system a game-changer for surveyors around the world.

Cutting-Edge Features at a Glance

FJD Trion V10i Features_front view

FJD Trion V10i Features_bottom view
RTK Accuracy:
The FJD Trion V10i was designed with surveyors in mind, which means accuracy was the top priority. With horizontal accuracy (H) of 8 mm plus 1 ppm RMS and vertical accuracy (V) of 15 mm plus 1 ppm RMS, it sets the gold standard for surveying equipment.

IMU-Based Tilt Compensation: The V10i is designed to handle tilt up to 60 degrees with no need for calibration. This robust IMU-based tilt compensation ensures that measurements remain accurate even in challenging field conditions.

Dual Cameras:
Featuring two cameras, a 2 MP forward-facing camera and a 5 MP downward-facing camera, both equipped with global shutters, the V10i provides real-time visual guidance for precise stakeouts and enhanced productivity.

Seamless Connectivity:
Built-in 4G LTE and UHF support, NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth (BLE) ensure that the V10i can stay connected in various conditions, while the cloud service optimizes data sharing between field and office teams.

Rugged Reliability:
With an IP68 rating and the ability to withstand drops of up to 2 meters, the V10i is a reliable companion, even in demanding environments. It can handle rain or rough handling without missing a beat.

Visual Positioning and AR Stakeout

One of the standout features of the FJD Trion V10i is its dual-camera setup. These cameras work in tandem, providing clear, real-time visual guidance for stakeouts and measurements. The forward-facing 2 MP camera and downward-facing 5 MP camera are both equipped with global shutters. This enables precise measurements and stakeouts with the added benefit of visual guidance.

Visual Measurement


The powerful onboard processing software and 2 MP front camera with a global shutter seamlessly generate coordinates and measurements right on the field controller.
  • The recommended measurement distance is 2~15m, with an accuracy of ±3cm.
  • 1/2.9'' 3 mm focal length CMOS
  • 1600*1300 2 MP
  • MIPI interface
  • Supports up to 60 FPS
  • Global shutter, large target area sensor (3µmx3µm)
  • 75° ultra-wide FOV, 1% ultra-low distortion

AR Stakeout


The 5 MP downward camera lets you measure and stake out points by following simple illustrations on screen without losing situational awareness.

  • 1/5'' 2.38mm focal length
  • 2592*1944, up to 5 MP
  • MIPI interface
  • 71° FOV 1.5% low distortion rate

IMU-Based Tilt Compensation

FJD Trion V10i IMU tilt compensation

No more calibrations, no more watching the level bubble. The V10i offers robust IMU-based tilt compensation, allowing for measurements with up to 60 degrees of tilt. This feature ensures that your measurements remain accurate, even in challenging conditions, without the hassle of frequent calibration.

Field to Office - Enhance Productivity with Trion Survey Cloud

FJD Trion Survey Cloud Software

Seamless connectivity is crucial in today's fast-paced world. With the FJD Trion Survey Cloud, you can effortlessly connect your field and office teams. Transmit field data and project updates in real-time, expediting work on both ends. No more waiting for data to arrive—just productivity.

Built Tough, Engineered to Perform

FJD Trion V10i waterproof

The V10i is built to last. Its lightweight alloy body is resistant to magnetic interference, ensuring consistently strong satellite availability. Even in obstructed sky conditions or less-than-ideal weather, the V10i will continue to perform reliably. It can withstand a rain shower or a fall without missing a beat.

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The FJD Trion V10i GNSS System is a true asset for professional surveyors. In addition to its robust RTK accuracy, features such as IMU-based tilt compensation, dual cameras, and cloud connectivity boost productivity and streamline surveying operations. Ready to embrace the future of surveying? Discover how the FJD Trion V10i can elevate your surveying projects and help you achieve accurate, efficient results.

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