We are delighted to introduce our latest update of our FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit, version 2.1.9. This new version is packed with exciting new features and improvements that streamline your farming experience. Let's explore the new enhancements and discover how they can positively impact your precision farming efforts.

What's New in FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit Version 2.1.9


PPP Correction Signal Sources

The latest version now supports PPP correction signal sources, including Beidou PPP and Galileo PPP. PPP technology provides decimeter accuracy without the need for a radio signal or network connection, offering greater flexibility and convenience for users.

Wider Speed Range

Support a wider range of speeds - from 0.1 km/h to 26 km/h - to cater to various scenarios. It maintains an accuracy of 2.5 cm to meet multiple farm demands, including working on sloping terrain, executing low-speed tasks such as potato planting, and performing operations like crop protection and fertilizing.


ISOBUS Virtual Terminal/Task Controller Supported

The updated version has expanded the range of ISOBUS capabilities, including ISOBUS VT, TC-BAS, and TC-SC, enhancing the efficiency of equipment and providing additional convenience to production processes.

Smart Approaching Supported

The Smart Approaching feature can be enabled under 'Device Settings > Automatically Driving Settings.' When this feature is enabled, the tractor can automatically adjust its path to align with the guidance line, even when approaching it at a 90° angle, allowing for smoother and more efficient navigation.


Keep Pre-translation Guidance Lines

With this feature, users can now choose to save the translated guidance lines separately, allowing them to retain the original guidance line and create a new one after translation.

Line Groups Supported

Convert task traces into line groups for future use by accessing the 'Path Conversion' feature in the 'Tasks' menu under 'Field Settings'. Additionally, the system supports importing of line groups from other platform.


Automatic Calibration of No Angle Sensor

When the 'Accuracy Compensation' function is enabled, the 'No Angle Sensor' will be able to calibrate automatically.

Front Suspension Added

Front suspension can now be used for connecting implements, allowing for more accurate and detailed tracking of implement information.


Edit Time Added

The specific time for modifications to guidance lines, boundaries, and fields are now displayed.

U-turn Feature Renamed

The AUX Turn feature has been renamed to 'Basic U-turn,' while the Uturn feature is now known as 'Smart U-turn' (except in Japan, where the name remains unchanged).

Straight Guidance Line Optimized

Imported straight guidance lines can now be extended with limiters for added convenience.

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