• FJD Autosteering Kit

    FJD Autosteering Kit

    Hands-free and more productive! FJDynamics offers the autonomous driving system with easy installation, helping agri-vehicles to have automatic driving transformation.

  • Feed Pushing Robot

    Feed Pushing Robot

  • Smart Neck-Tag

    Smart Neck-Tag

  • FJD Lawnmower

    FJD Lawnmower

     Redefine your mowing experience with GNSS positioning and robotics technology. To explore how FJDynamics makes a perfect cut.

  • FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System

    FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System

     Real-time access to the coordinates of movable arms and bucket lead to high-precision construction, giving operators of all skill levels the ability to be more productive than ever before!

  • FJD Smart Pile Driver Guidance System

    FJD Smart Pile Driver Guidance System

  • FJD Disinfection Robot

    FJD Disinfection Robot

      Map Visualization, Automation, Disinfection. FJD Disinfection Robot utilizes UV light and disinfecting spray to quickly and efficiently disinfect surfaces.

  • Diesel Generator

    Diesel Generator

    Features high output and high performance. With its integrated display and control function that supports smart remote control, this generator secures safe and convenient use and can be applied to scenarios such as business and disaster and emergency prevention.

  • Diesel Genset

    Diesel Genset

    We provide customizable products of different power ranges, including 8-17KVA, 20-23KVA, and 5-500KVA.  Lighter, smaller and more cost-effective!

  • Powersec


    2000W Power Station with Removable Batteries. Full Power Again in Seconds, 2264Wh King Capacity, Removable Battery Pack, 2H Fast Charging

  • Pocket Refractometer

    Pocket Refractometer

  • Reference Station

    Reference Station

    FJD Reference Station utilizes advanced RTK technology and data transmission to satisfy users' requirements for precise positioning.

  • Wi-Fi Camera

    Wi-Fi Camera

    Quick installation, Real-time access to the operational status of attachments and the vehicle.

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