User case - Tulips Planting with AT2 Auto Steer System

Zuid Eind Bloembollen is a flower bulb company based in Texel, Netherlands. For years, they have been growing high-quality tulips on their farm. Like many other agricultural practices, tulip farming comes with its set of challenges, especially when it comes to precision planting. This is where the FJD AT2 Auto Steer System comes in, improving the tulip planting process for Zuid Eind Bloembollen. Let's dive into how AT2 improved the efficiency and accuracy of tulip planting for this beloved tulip valley farm.

Colorful tulip field planted by Zuid Eind Bloembollen

Why was AT2 Auto Steer System Chosen?

Precise Planting

Tulip planting requires a spacing of 4-6 inches to ensure sufficient growth space, sunlight, and proper air circulation. This means that precise planting is crucial to ensure the best possible yield. FJD AT2 combines GNSS and RTK technology to guide the tractor to the perfect planting location, ensuring that every tulip is planted in the correct position, making the planting process more accurate.

Maximized land utilization

Buying land in Netherlands is expensive, making it crucial to maximize the use of land for high-value crops like tulips. With AT2's guidance line planning feature, the planting routes can be efficiently planned, ensuring the maximum utilization of land and resulting in better overall yields. As mentioned earlier, AT2 ensures accurate planting by guiding the tractor to the perfect planting location, results in higher yields.

Better Efficiency

Using the AT2 Auto Steer System for tulip planting results in better efficiency. The AT2's auto-steer and U-turn features allow the tractor to be driven more efficiently, saving work time and improving the overall planting process's efficiency. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human error.


With the help of the AT2, the tulip planting process can maximize land use, saving land costs. Additionally, precise planting can be achieved with fewer labor resources, reducing labor costs and saving costs for the entire planting process.

A vast field belonging to Zuid Eind Bloembollen

Zuid Eind Bloembollen chose the AT2 Auto Steer System for tulip planting due to its benefits in precise planting, maximized land utilization, better efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By investing in the AT2 Auto Steer System, Zuid Eind Bloembollen has been able to enhance their tulip planting process and achieve better efficiency. If you're wondering how to plant tulip bulbs or how to grow tulips with precision, FJD AT2 can be your reliable partner in achieving the best possible yield.

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