Leaping From Desktop to Mobile: FJDynamics Will Roll out the Latest On-the-Go Point Cloud Processing Solutions at GEO Business 2024 in London

SINGAPORE, May 24, 2024 - June is possibly the best time to visit London, and the city will host GEO Business 2024, the largest geospatial event in the UK on June 5-6 where FJDynamics will premier its cutting-edge geospatial innovations and solutions on. The highly anticipated unveiling will cover a rich product portfolio from point cloud processing software to 3D LiDAR scanners to RTK GNSS systems, bringing simplified reality capturing and unmatched surveying precision for surveyors across UK and EU regions. Here are some highlights of our offerings: 

FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software: A Powerful Maker of Digital Twin on the Go

FJDynamics is coming out strong at its debut in the event with a major attraction: the iPad edition of FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software. The iPad support allows surveyors to quickly create a digital twin from point cloud data even on the go, enabling them to get instant insight into their projects anywhere and increase the chance of fast delivery.
While most software of its kind are typically only available for use on PC, FJD's iPad support shows its commitment to democratizing technology for more users and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in user experience—it's the key message FJDynamics wants to drive home at the event this year.
"We're taking the lead in adding the iPad support of the FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software, allowing users to enable fast processing even on the go, instead of waiting to return to their PC for that work," said April Qiu, Director of Product. "This really helps make technology more accessible for more users in a wide range of scenarios."

FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner: A Pioneering Explorer of New Dimensions

Built on the SLAM technology, the handheld FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner empowers users to digitize environments accurately and swiftly. With the ability to capture indoor, outdoor, and even hard-to-reach areas like manholes underground all day long, this compact yet mighty scanner transforms reality capture into an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. It is a pioneering explorer on your surveying journey to unfold new dimensions.
"The FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner is our testimony to bridge the gap between advanced technology and practical applications," said Mike Zhao, Director of Product at FJDynamics. "We're putting the power of reality capture into the hands of both seasoned professionals and those curious about 3D scanning."

FJD Trion V10i GNSS System with Visual Positioning: An AR-based Visual Guidance for Precise Surveying

Integrating GNSS, RTK, and IMU modules, the FJD Trion V10i GNSS System with Visual Positioning includes two cameras to give you real-time AR-based visual guidance on stakeouts. This survey-grade RTK rover is designed to help you position beyond traditional coordinates and boost your productivity in locations that are obstructed, dangerous, or inaccessible by foot.
"We created the FJD Trion V10i GNSS System with Visual Positioning to redefine precision and efficiency in surveying — that's aligned with our mission of empowering the most labor-intensive industries with accessible technological solutions," said Zedix Xu, Director of Product. "It's not just about getting surveying data, it's about making everything as simple as possible in surveying."

Also on display are the FJD Trion V1t RTK Rover and the FJD Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner. The company will be offering a slew of available factory accessories to boost your surveying productivity.

Visit FJDynamics at GEO Business 2024: Booth#G302 and get hands-on with these products. 
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