FJD Trion Scan Version 2.0.0 for iOS and Android

New App and Feature Updates

We're thrilled to announce the latest update to FJD Trion Scan, available on Google Play and the App Store, bringing a host of new features, enhanced user interface, and software optimizations for an even better scanning experience.

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What's New in FJD Trion Scan Version 2.0.0

FJD Trion Scan App Overview


Mobile App Compatibility

Connect your FJD Trion S1 scanners to the FJD Trion Scan mobile app on your Android devices, iPhone, or iPad to manage scanning projects more seamlessly in the field, and get the latest firmware updates.

The browser version of FJD Trion Scan will continue to be available and updated along with the mobile app version. Enjoy the flexibility to connect your scanner to the browser version for bulk data download and seamless post-processing on a PC.

Manage Project Data with External Storage Devices

Download data to USB flash drives, external hard disks, or other storage devices directly from the scanner.

Check download progress in real-time, so you have more control.

Streamlined Data Download

Download data in multiple formats simultaneously to the local device or an external flash drive.


Revamped User Interface

  • An updated design aims to improve ease of use and enhance functionality.
  • Optimized layout and navigation structures for better device, project, and data management.

Software Optimization and Bug-fixes

  • Improved mapping algorithms for enhanced point cloud data accuracy and quality.
  • Addressed known issues to ensure a smoother user experience.

Updating the Firmware of your FJD Trion S1

Before Connecting the S1 to the App

  1. Update the S1 to the latest firmware package before you attempt to connect it to the app
  2. Download the latest firmware update package here.
  3. Keep the S1 powered on during the update. Check your batteries or ensure consistent DC power supply.
  4. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser on your computer to run the update, though you could use a browser on your mobile device as well.

Update Process

Once you have the latest update package downloaded and ready to go:
  1. Connect to Scanner WiFi:
    1. Power on and connect your computer to the scanner's WiFi.
  2. Access Firmware Settings:
    1. Open a Chrome browser, and type into the address bar.
  3. Troubleshooting:
    1. If you have trouble visiting the address, check the WiFi connection, disable mobile data if you are using a mobile device, and try again.
  4. Upload and Install:
    1. Navigate to "Settings - Firmware Version" to upload and install the update package.


  1. Successful Upgrade:
    1. After a successful upgrade, the firmware version will display as "2.0.0."
    2. You can now use either the FJD Trion App or the browser version to connect to the S1 and manage your scans.
  2. Failed Upgrade:
    1. In case of failure, the system will prompt you to try again.
  3. Support and Assistance:
    1. For any issues during the upgrade, contact your regional sales manager.

Mobile App Download

Important: Update your FJD Trion Model to V1.000.D.0110 or above to process data from FJD Trion Scan v2.0.0

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Upgrade today to unlock a world of enhanced scanning capabilities with FJD Trion Scan Version 2.0.0!

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