New Release: FJD Trion S1 Firmware V2.1 and FJD Trion Scan V1.2 for Android and iOS

A new firmware version for the FJD Trion S1 and a new Scan version are available now. Check out what's new and improved below.

What's New in FJD Trion Scan V1.2?

Remap Point Cloud

Process your scans on site with FJD Trion Scan and generate high-density point cloud data on the go.


Prompts and Alerts to Guide Your Mapping Missions

The updated RTK Backpack Mode now includes built-in instructions for setup, prompts to maintain a steady scanning speed, and alerts to enhance confidence and minimize errors in SLAM mapping, ensuring the highest accuracy results.

In-app Camera Calibration Parameter Management

Import camera calibration parameter files into your device, synchronizing them with project files for seamless output. This eliminates the need to select camera calibration files separately during point cloud coloring in FJD Trion Model.

Access Product Manuals and Guides

Access the latest product manual directly within the Scan app, providing easy access to important information about the use and maintenance of your device.

The update also includes several fixes for known issues and optimizations to enhance the overall user experience.

Scan App Download & Update

For current Scan app users: Click the " Check for Updates " in the app settings to download and install the latest version.

Update the Firmware of your FJD Trion S1 

Before connecting your device to the App

Keep the device powered on during the update. Check your batteries or ensure a consistent DC power supply.

Update process
  1. Open the Scan App and connect to your device.
  2. Access firmware settings: Tap "Settings" and select "Firmware Version" to update and download the latest firmware package.
  3. Connect to scanner WiFi: Power on and connect your device to the scanner's WiFi.
  4. Start installing the latest firmware package.

The scanner will restart immediately. Reconnect to the scanner WiFi and restart the app. The firmware version will be changed to "2.1.0" in settings.

For any issues during the upgrade, contact your regional sales manager.

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