FJDynamics Releases the New-Gen Hydraulic Autosteering Kit to Bring Next-Level Precision to Farmers Globally

SINGAPORE, June 7, 2024FJDynamics, the world's leading provider of precision agriculture solutions, proudly announces the official release of its highly anticipated the FJD AH2 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit to be available worldwide. The AH2 marks a significant leap forward in precise hydraulic control for large vehicles that require robust stability on challenging terrains, bringing performance and adaptability together in perfect balance for farming operators in the agriculture sector. 

"We develop the FJD AH2 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit to unleash the transformative power of autosteering in precision agriculture,” said Young Yang, Director of FJD Precision Agriculture. The launch of the AH2 aims at providing a highly feasible hydraulic autosteering solution for farmers preferring to keep their original steering wheel, pushing the agricultural revolution towards greater precision and productivity. The AH2 packs an array of advanced features that set it apart from its peers.

FJD AH2 Hydraulic Autosteering KitFJD AH2 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit

Seamless Integration with Original Steering Wheel

The AH2 can be easily fitted into the existing steering wheel of a tractor without changing anything already in use. Farmers can control their vehicle like before but enjoy a more precise ride with the autosteering kit integrated. Whether they are running a John Deere or New Holland tractor, the AH2 allows them to maintain the high-quality driving experience they've come to expect from those big brands, making it an excellent addition to their fleet. 

"We've noticed that some users have made costly investment in their tractors and machinery, and they don't like to replace their original steering wheel for electrical motor autosteering system," said Yang. "It's a hard tradeoff to make, but they really need more precision and stability in steering, and that's how our AH2 comes into play."

Enhanced Steering Stability on Any Terrain

By keeping the steering wheel stationary on rugged terrains, the AH2 enhances steering stability with a stable ±2.5cm accuracy at any field condition, making it a breeze to manage demanding tasks with high-horsepower tractors. This gives farmers extra peace of mind with consistent performance, superior working precision and reliability all included.

"For those smooth or flat farmlands, our AH2 can even deliver an accuracy of up to ±1cm, making it a standout among the product of its kind," assured Yang. In addition to unmatched accuracy, this game-changing kit is also built with rugged components for long-lasting durability, allowing tractors to withstand extremely tough conditions at a super-low failure rate. 

Extensive Vehicle Compatibility

Designed with accessibility in mind, this innovative kit offers four hydraulic valve options for seamless integration with various tractor models of different fluid types and between open-center and closed-center hydraulic systems. Farmers can rest assured about the compatibility as it works perfectly with over 95% of vehicles, especially high-horsepower ones.

The AH2 also has a built-in switch valve to regulate hydraulic oil flow through the proportional valve core only during automated driving, providing robust protection for the proportional valve while ensuring seamless compatibility with both reactive and non-reactive agricultural machinery.

"Our mission is to make technology accessible to people working in the labor-intensive industries, and that's why the AH2 is designed to be perfectly adapted to all types of agricultural machinery," said Yang. "We strive to offer a stable and reliable autosteering kit that comes with high precision and affordability, driving more productivity and profitability for our farmers."

Pricing and Availability

The AH2 will be available for purchase from FJDynamics' global authorized distributors starting today. Contact your local distributor for a quote and order placement. For more information, visit:  FJD AH2 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit.

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