FJDynamics Debuted the Latest On-the-Go Point Cloud Processing Solutions at CSPI-EXPO in Japan

SINGAPORE, May 30, 2024 — FJDynamics, the global leader in the geospatial industry, was thrilled to showcase its latest on-the-go point cloud processing solutions at CSPI-EXPO 2024, the largest gathering in Japan's construction and surveying industry. With the innovations ranging from point cloud processing software to 3D LiDAR scanners, FJDynamics' reality capturing solutions infuse unmatched digital intelligence into the surveying and construction sectors, bringing more accessibility to AEC professionals, surveyors, 3D enthusiasts in the Japanese region.

During this 3-day event from May 22 to 24, FJDynamics attracted over 40,000 visitors to its stand by exhibiting a diverse spectrum of revolutionary hardware and software. The display was a hive of buzz, with live demos by the FJD team, exploring how these innovations have made revolutionary impacts on people in all walks of life, from measurement and building to heritage conservation and forestry research. As part of its drive to boost surveying efficiency to new heights, the company's showcase echoed this year's theme: Uniting Cutting-edge Technologies for the Next Generation.

FJD Trion Model: Process Raw Point Cloud Data on the Go

The highlight of the exhibits is the debut of the iPad edition of the FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software. In addition to the existing PC edition, the Model can now be used on iPad, enabling users to directly analyze and process raw point cloud data on mobile devices without the need for downloads or imports. The iPad support promises a great leap in mobility and efficiency, aligning with the company's mission of making technology more accessible to users even when they are on the go.

Another solution for point cloud processing is the FJD Trion Scan app, on which visitors can view point clouds in real time while using the P1 LiDAR scanner to scan the surrounding environment of the FJD stand. Many visitors queued up to get a firsthand experience of the products, and the event sparked numerous discussions that would provide valuable insights into the design of future products for the company.

FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner: Scan with One Hand as It’s Incredibly Light

With its compact form weighing just 1kg, the P1 can be handheld to scan and digitize the environment quickly and accurately. This scanner has been widely used by architects to enable BIM for 3D building modeling and information management, as well as routine mapping and construction measurement. During the live presentation, many attendees held the P1 in their hands and were surprised by its portability. They were also impressed with the P1's ease of use. Even first-time users could rapidly get going with it, gaining more acclaim for the P1.

FJD Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner: Take Surveying Precision to the Next Level

Featuring survey-grade precision and long-range measurement, the S1 3D LiDAR scanner is generally used by construction surveying workers, foresters, and land surveyors. With various modes of static, handheld, car mount, and backpack, the capabilities of the S1 can be extended with many accessories such as the FJD Trion car mount module and GNSS receiver, which are also on display at the stand. They can be used together to obtain centimeter-level high-precision georeferenced point clouds, eliminating the need for external control points. In backpack mode with the FJD Trion V1t RTK Rover, the S1 delivers public coordinate point clouds with accuracy down to centimeters.

During the event, FJDynamics was also honored to be interviewed by, an influential media channel in Japan for the collection of the latest products from industry exhibitions and trade fairs. "Our advantage is that we provide products with more advanced functions, but the price is about half of that of our competitors," highlighted Woody Wu, a FJDynamics sales staff, during the interview. "We strive to democratize cutting-edge technologies and make them more affordable to our users."

Following the successful participation in CSPI-EXPO 2024, FJDynamics aims to expand its presence in Japanese and Asian markets. The company is leading the way in empowering the geospatial industry through cutting-edge technology solutions, hoping to bring more productivity and accessibility to users across the world.

About FJDynamics

FJDynamics is on a mission to empower the most labor-intensive industries with accessible technological solutions. With R&D and operations centers in Singapore, US, Sweden, Hong Kong (China) and Chinese mainland, FJD is dedicated to simplifying workflows, enhancing productivity, and democratizing advanced technology for industries such as agriculture, digital construction and surveying across the world.

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