ISOBUS: Bring Efficiency and Convenience to Precision Agriculture

In the entire process of farming, it often requires the use of different implements for various operations. How can we easily connect and control different implements using just one terminal? ISOBUS was created to solve this problem.

What is ISOBUS?

ISOBUS is an international communication protocol developed by the ISO organization Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) for use in agricultural and forestry machinery. It breaks down the obstacles of interaction between diverse manufacturer's implements, therefore, it improves interoperability and allows data exchange between various tractors and implements, regardless of the manufacturer chosen. 

At present, FJD's autosteering system equipped with ISOBUS has been certified by AEF. To improve across-manufacturer compatibility of electronic and electrical components in agricultural equipment, AEF has unified the concept and terminology of ISOBUS functions, creating an AEF database that allows users to search for tractor compatibility with various accessories and check which functions a product supports.

What Functions does FJD Support?

ISOBUS is widely used in various agricultural applications, including seeding, spreading, and spraying. The Virtual Terminal and Task Controller functions help farmers ensure accurate and consistent seed placement and precise application of fertilizers and pesticides, resulting in reduced waste and increased efficiency.

Virtual Terminal (VT)
The integrated interface provides a seamless and unified platform for displaying and controlling implement systems, allowing efficient management of all compatible ISOBUS implements. 


Task Controller Basic (TC-BAS)

Records the total values of the implement operation, such as the total working area, and allows for seamless importation of jobs to the task controller and exportation of completed records. It enables the smooth flow of operation data between different farm management systems, control systems and implements.


Task Controller Section Control (TC-SC)

Sections automatically switch on and off based on GPS position and desired overlap at field boundaries or when passing worked areas. It is particularly useful for sprayers, seed drills, and fertilizer spreaders, as it helps to reduce input losses and increase efficiency. 


Task Controller Geo-based*(TC-GEO)

According to the local climate, common crop types and other agronomic information, and then combined with the recent climate status and GIS data, the prescription map would be formed. TC-GEO divides the field by analyzing the prescription map, determines the output rate strategy of different seeds and fertilizers, and then ISOBUS automatically controls the opening of the machine, performs the operation at different rates in different areas, and records the data.
*Note: coming soon.  


What are the Benefits?

The ISOBUS functions help achieve variable rate control and adjustments, thereby making production more efficient and convenient. FJD's guidance and steering systems, which are compatible with ISOBUS, allows you to make the most of machinery and make better decisions for enhancing productivity.

  • Extensive Compatibility: Enables the FJD guidance and steering systems to connect to implements from different manufacturers, simplifying equipment management.
  • Easy Data Management and Transfer: Through ISOBUS, data from various implements can be collected, stored, and transferred easily between equipments.
  • Simplified Experience: The unified and user-friendly FJD interface reduces the need for multiple monitors and control systems, simplifying the operator's experience when working with different implements.
  • Precise Operation: Automatically adjusts application rates, monitors performance, and provides real-time feedback, allowing farmers to optimize their work and reduce input costs.


ISOBUS is a revolutionary technology that has transformed agriculture with its advanced features and capabilities. All implement controls are integrated in one terminal, such as autosteering system's control terminal. FJD provides multiple autosteering systems for your diverse needs, like AT1 Autosteering KitAT2 Auto Steer System and AH1 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit. Whether you are a farmer or agricultural equipment manufacturer, ISOBUS is worth consideration for its benefits and advantages.

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