Introduction of FAG

FAG Co.,Ltd is a cutting-edge company based in Japan that specializes in four key areas: agriculture, robotics, energy, and lifestyle. Their mission is to bring transformative products to society and drive positive change. FAG has forged an exclusive partnership with FJDynamics to distribute their innovative agricultural solutions, including advanced autosteering systems, throughout Japan. 

Spotting an Opportunity

"Japan's agricultural industry is facing significant challenges, such as an aging workforce and a growing demand for precision farming," said Yuichi Kibushi, the representative from FAG. To address these issues, FAG turned to FJDynamics, who offers innovative agricultural solutions.  

Partnering for Success

"Our partnership with FJDynamics aligns perfectly with our mission to drive positive change," the representative continued. "Their autosteering systems, like the AT1 Autosteering Kit and AT2 Auto Steer System, are user-friendly, time-saving, and exactly what Japanese agriculture needs." FAG's collaboration with FJDynamics aims to promote innovative agricultural technologies and pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable future for farming in Japan. 


Addressing Real Needs

"Our partnership with FJDynamics is not just a business arrangement - it's a stride towards addressing critical challenges in Japan's agricultural sector," said Mr. Kibushi. "The implemented straight line optimizes land usage and boosts productivity. Additionally, the U-turn feature helps free operator's hands and reduce fatigue." Amidst the current skilled labor shortage, useful productivity enhancements can help attract and retain workers. 

Feedback from Customer

Mr. Arai, a sweet potato farmer from Chiba Prefecture, encountered challenges with traditional farming techniques that were time-consuming and inefficient. By adopting the AT1 autosteering kit, Mr. Arai experienced significant improvements in precision and efficiency, particularly in the crucial task of plastic mulching. The AT1's super-low speed mode enabled him to lay down the plastic film in a straight line with minimal overlap or gaps, enhancing the effectiveness of the mulching process and saving precious time. 


FAG's dedication to promoting cutting-edge technologies make them a key player in the market for advanced agricultural solutions. Their work is poised to contribute to a more efficient and sustainable future for agriculture in Japan.
FJDynamics is on a mission to empower labor-intensive industries with accessible technological solutions, and committed to supporting our partners and customers across the world. We are seeking to establish more partnerships around the world to further our success and positively impact various industries through innovative solutions.

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