Introducing AL01

FJD AL01, a 3D Land Leveling System, utilizes GNSS & RTK positioning technology and terrain design, providing high-precision and convenient solutions for farmland planning, reclamation, and leveling. Unlike traditional laser-based systems, AL01 does not rely on line-of-sight and can easily handle variations in terrain and field shapes, making it more versatile for different agricultural landscapes, even in challenging terrains.

Why AL01 is the ideal choice?

Jordi, a customer from Spain, recently utilized the FJD AL01 3D Land Leveling System and FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit to plant sunflowers efficiently. Let's take a look at why AL01 is the best choice for him.


No More Laser Hassles
: "I like that I don't have to use the laser tripod; it is much more comfortable to get to the field without having to set up the tripod with the laser," Jordi said. Unlike laser leveling systems, the AL01 is a GNSS-based land leveling system that eliminates the need for a laser tripod. Users can conveniently operate in the field without the hassle of installing and adjusting a laser. It does not rely on line-of-sight and can easily handle variations in terrain and field shapes, making it more versatile for different agricultural landscapes. This greatly improves efficiency and convenience during operations.
Optimal Water Management: "The intention of the leveling machine is to be able to water the fields well," Jordi said. Equipped with FJD AL01, he was able to complete terrain design and earthwork analysis, as well as obtain terrain data. He then leveled the land according to fill-and-excavation and earthwork movement data. Thanks to the appropriate land preparation, it provided better conditions for planting, ensuring even seed placement and reducing the need for re-seeding. Properly leveled land allows for better irrigation and drainage, resulting in more uniform water distribution and reduced water waste.

Enhancing Agricultural Processes with FJD AT1

The AL01 system plays a crucial role in various stages of the agricultural process. According to Jordi's experience, he utilized the AL01 to achieve precise land leveling, ensuring proper land preparation for seeding. After that, he used FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit for seeding and spraying. This minimized overlapping or missing areas during seeding and spraying, thus increasing crop yield and reducing wastage from unnecessary re-tilling or missed tilling.



The FJD AL01 3D Land Leveling System enhances agricultural processes with its precision and efficiency in land leveling tasks. By pairing it with auto-steer systems, farmers can further enhance their agricultural practices, ensuring accurate and sustainable tillage. Embrace the future of agriculture with the AL01 system and witness the transformation in your farming operations.

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