FJDynamics debuts new guidance and steering solutions at AgriTek 2024 in Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan, March 12, 2024 - FJDynamics made waves at AgriTek 2024 by presenting its advanced control and guidance technologies for the first time in Kazakhstan.


The FJDynamics stand was packed with professionals eager to get a close look, as FJD representatives demonstrated the innovative technologies in action including AG1 Guidance System, AH1 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit, and AT1 & AT2 Autosteering systems. 

The new solutions provide farmers with exceptional operational precision and reliability in steering, resulting in perfect crop rows and optimal use of resources. FJDynamics makes precision agriculture accessible to farms of all scales and operations, making it a universal, reliable and affordable option.

Manual Guidance with Ease and Precision

The FJD AG1 Guidance System integrates various positioning technologies (PPP, RTK, SBAS), offering precise location accuracy of up to 2.5cm for manual steering and assisting users in staying on the planned path. With its simplified configuration and an entry-level price, it significantly boosts efficiency while keeping costs in check, providing a streamlined experience.

The FJD AG1 Guidance System integrates various positioning technologies (PPP, RTK, SBAS), offering precise location accuracy of up to 2.5cm for manual steering and assisting users in staying on the planned path.

FJD AG1 Guidance System

Powerful Control for Heavy-Duty Machinery

The FJD AH1 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit brings precise, responsive control to high-powered farm machinery. Integrated GNSS technology intervenes in the hydraulic steering system, automatically regulating pressure to achieve driving accuracy within 2.5 cm. Robust power and precision steering maximize efficiency in demanding field operations.

FJD AH1 Hydraulic Autosteering Kit

Land leveling system

Land leveling plays an important role in reducing water consumption and increasing land and water productivity in agriculture. FJD offers a highly accurate and convenient solution, the AL01 3D Land Leveling System for farmland planning. AL01 provides an even and uniform topography, improving water management and crop production in your field.

FJD AL01 3D Land Leveling System utilizes GNSS & RTK high-precision positioning technology to provide comprehensive solutions for farmland leveling and terrain planning.

FJD AL01 3D Land Leveling System

Navigate with Ease and Precision

FJDynamics first unveiled its revolutionary AT2 Auto Steer System in Astana, Kazakhstan on March 12, 2024 and is now showcasing it at AgriTek 2024. The FJD AT2 provides farmers with unparalleled precision and consistency in steering their machinery, resulting in perfectly straight crop rows and optimal use of resources. By automating the steering process, farmers can save valuable time and labor, allowing them to focus on maximizing yields and ultimately resulting in increased profits and a more sustainable farming practice. 

FJD AT2 Auto Steer System

Fixed GNSS Base Station

The FJD N20 is a high-precision GNSS receiver that supports multiple satellites and frequencies, providing centimeter-level RTK positioning accuracy. Based on Linux platform and powerful radio modem, it covers a wide range of up to 30 km in ideal conditions and is widely compatible with various devices.

FJD N20 Fixed High Power GNSS Station

FJDynamics was filmed by a CGTN TV crew for a report on the latest technological advances in agriculture. It was not only an opportunity to demonstrate innovative products to a wide audience of professionals and potential customers, but also a chance to share ideas that can significantly improve processes in agriculture. The stand attracted not only potential customers and dealers, but also other companies that expressed interest in cooperation. 

One of the main hits of sales at the exhibition were: AT2 auto steering system and Ragnar tractor. AT2 has not yet started to be sold in Kazakhstan, and its appearance caused a real wow-effect among the visitors. This system is a revolutionary precision farming gadget that includes all of the necessary functionality while remaining affordable. It was especially appreciated by competitors who came to see this product and evaluate its potential.

Another popular product at the show was our Ragnar tractor. Equipped with the FJD AT2 Auto Steer System, this powerful tractor has 220 horsepower. Many visitors were standing in line to get a closer look at this tractor and see its capabilities. Ragnar offers complete comfort for the driver thanks to the installed refrigerator, camera and air conditioning.

About FJDynamics

FJDynamics is a robotics company focusing on digitization, automation and new energies. Our technology has been widely applied in precision agriculture, digital construction and geospatial industries. The company has R&D and operations centers in Singapore, USA, Sweden, Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. With our company's global reach, we look forward to working with our partners and customers to build a better future for our world. We are committed to manufacturing affordable and highly useful robots for the most labor-intensive industries, using our technology to drive carbon neutrality and improve the work environment.