A New Standard in Aerial Surveying Efficiency - FJD Trion AM150A Medium Format Aerial Camera

Embark on a visionary journey with the FJD Trion AM150A, a 150MP medium format aerial camera designed to elevate aerial photogrammetry, urban planning, and infrastructure inspection to a new level. Boasting a remarkable 4 fps capture speed, advanced light sensitivity, and wide aerial coverage, this camera stands to set a new standard in aerial surveying efficiency.

Key Features

  • 150MP Resolution
  • BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Wide Aerial Coverage
  • Up to 4 fps Capture Rate
  • Oblique Imagery & LiDAR Supported
  • Leaf Shutter for Precision

Efficiency Redefined

Fly faster, cover wider areas, and still get high-res images with the AM150A. Armed with a backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, this camera excels in noise reduction and performance enhancement even in challenging lighting conditions. Capture stunning 150MP imagery at 4 fps, empowering you to cover extensive ground with fewer flights.

Versatile Configuration

  • Adaptable Mounting: Configure the AM150A for drones, planes, or as part of a camera array for oblique photogrammetry. The flexibility of configurations empowers you to tailor your aerial imaging solution to diverse needs.
  • SDK Integration: An SDK enables you to customize the AM150A as a standalone solution or part of an oblique camera array.

Powerful CMOS and Lenses:

  • Back-illuminated Sensor
  • 54.4 × 40.0 mm Sensor Size
  • 83 dB Dynamic Range
  • Interchangeable Lenses with Low Chromatic Aberration
  • No Distortion and Up to 1/2500s Leaf Shutter

Wide Aerial Coverage

Cover 217 km² every hour at 5 cm GSD and a flight height of 665 m.

Seamless Post-Processing with FJD Image

Shorten the turnaround time between editing photos and quickly move onto creating orthomosaics. Edit photos, and manage files in FJD Image. Easily correct colors, make bulk edits, and compare before-and-after effects with a single click.

Applications Across Industries

  • Urban Planning: Envision urban landscapes with unprecedented detail.
  • Infrastructure Mapping: Achieve accurate mapping for efficient development.
  • Aerial Inspection: Streamline inspection processes with high-resolution imagery.
  • Forestry: Monitor and analyze forestry areas for sustainable management.
Elevate your aerial mapping missions to new heights with the FJD Trion AM150A.

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