FJD G31 System Contributes To The Handling Track Construction For The Largest Proving Ground In Asia

The FJD G31 3D Excavator Guidance System has been applied to help build one of the largest proving grounds in Asia.

A tricky project

The project is to build a ring track of 2,000m with curved surfaces. The degree of the bend increases from the very spot to the highest point of the track to form different speed zones, which allows the vehicle to reach a maximum speed of 300 km/h. The project is required to be completed before December 2022.

(Before construction)

What are the challenges?

-Difficult to control the gradient of the tracks.

-Hard to reach accurate results within a limited time.

Conventionally, construction accuracy needs to be measured frequently, which may put efficiency and working timeline at risk. Also, the project demands that the whole track, including side slopes, is constructed with high accuracy. Therefore, it will be extremely difficult to use conventional excavation methods.

Meet the challenge with the FJD G31

Real-time precise positioning

Powered by self-developed positioning technology, the FJD G31 can conduct ±3cm accuracy construction, meeting the accuracy requirements of most construction scenarios. The 3D model of the bucket and excavator along with the real-time operation data realizes the seamless work. The real-time positions of the bucket and excavator are always accessible to operators.

(Operation guided by real-time 3D model)

Turn challenge into an opportunity

With FJD 3D G31, operators can carry the high-precision excavation alone without repetitive measuring. According to the project, the target can grade at least 90㎡ per day, saving time by up to 45%.

"During the project, the operators are well informed of the distance between the bucket and the targeted surfaces in real-time. The grading accuracy is satisfying and there is less repetitive work. We look forward to applying FJD G31 to more projects," remarked by a representative of the project.

FJD G31 gives an opportunity to complete this "tricky" project in high quality and efficiency within time.

(Cost reduction and efficiency gains after using the FJD G31)

Construction has never been easier with the FJD G31 3D Excavator Guidance System. If you are looking for similar solutions for your client’s project, our Global Dealer Recruitment is in progress.

(After construction with the help of the FJD G31)