What's the Difference Between AT2 and AT2 PRO?

FJDynamics has always been dedicated to listening to our users and providing practical, comprehensive agricultural solutions that meet their needs. FJD AT2 Auto Steer System, the most popular offering, has already gained positive reviews from the market. By reducing the need for manual control and providing precise guidance, AT2 helps reduce labor costs, lower fuel consumption, and increase accuracy and consistency in crop production.

"However, in some regions particularly in South America, signal is not always accessible," said Young Yang, Director of FJD Precision Agriculture. "In addition to using the base station, our customers in large-scale operations expect additional solutions." This is why FJD has introduced the AT2 Pro Auto Steer System, a product that builds on the success of AT2 while addressing the specific needs of customers in these regions.

Introducing FJD AT2 PRO 

FJD AT2 PRO offers centimeter-level positioning accuracy with RTX® satellite corrections provided by Trimble. It is available worldwide without the need of a base station or internet connectivity that limits the operating area.

Difference Between AT2 and AT2 PRO

 AT2 and AT2 PRO share the same industrial design, both featuring a control terminal, a GNSS receiver, and an electric steering wheel. They also share the same software and functionality, supporting a positioning accuracy of 2.5cm with RTK signals. The only difference between the two products is that the PRO version additionally supports RTX® service. This added capability allows users to achieve a higher level of precision and stability regardless of their location, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Benefits of AT2 PRO

Integrated with RTX® service, a leading global satellite positioning service that offers reliable and accurate corrections for various industries, AT2 PRO helps users achieve sub-inch positioning accuracy without the need for traditional base stations or RTK networks. This eliminates the need for additional hardware investments and simplifies the overall installation process.  
Free from Network Constraints and Free from the Base Station 

Free from Network Constraints

Delivered globally via satellite or cellular/IP, the real-time GNSS correction service provides worldwide coverage, allowing farmers to take advantage of precise positioning capabilities regardsless of their location. On the other hand, base station solutions and network RTK options often face coverage limitations, restricting their utility to specific regions.  

Free from the Base Station 

With AT2 PRO, there's no need for a base station. You can start working immediately after arriving at the site, without the hassle of setting up or maintaining a base station. You also won't need to worry about battery replacements or charging. With the advanced capabilities and streamlined design, AT2 PRO is ready to work whenever and wherever you need it, freeing you from the constraints of traditional base station systems and enabling greater flexibility and efficiency in your operations. 


AT2 PRO Auto Steer System offers a practical, efficient, and precise solution for precision agriculture operations. By comparing it with traditional base station and network RTK options, it's clear that the AT2 PRO stands out in terms of ease of use and global coverage. Upgrade your farming practices with the AT2 PRO Auto Steer System and witness the remarkable improvement in your agricultural processes.

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