Driving Efficiency and Precision: A Farmer's Success Story with Autosteering System

The advent of precision agriculture has brought about a significant transformation in the way farming is conducted. One of the most notable innovations in this field is the autosteering system, which enables farmers to optimize their operations, reduce labor costs, and improve working accuracy. We will share with you the experience of Alex, a farmer who has successfully implemented the FJD AT2 Auto Steer System in his farming operations.

About Alex

Alex is a dedicated farmer and social media enthusiast from the Vienne department in France. With a farm spanning across 180 hectares, Alex takes pride in cultivating traditional crops native to the region, including wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, and occasionally corn. Besides his passion for farming, Alex is also an active presence on social media, where he shares his experiences, knowledge, and love for agriculture with a wider audience.

Auto steer vs manual driving

Before using the Autosteering system, Alex relied on manual driving for his tractor operations. However, this method had several limitations, including lower precision in manual driving and fatigue after a day of driving, which in turn affected the overall productivity of the farm.

According to Alex, "The Autosteering system is more efficient than manual driving in any case." He emphasized the importance of work comfort, as autosteering allows for better maneuverability even while monitoring rear implements. This results in "less fatigue at the end of the day" and enables him to focus more on other tasks.

Experience with FJD Autosteering system

Alex chose the FJD AT2 Auto Steer System for his farm, and his experience with the system has been extremely positive. Here are some of the key aspects that stood out for him:

The FJD Autosteering System was easy to install and integrate with his existing tractor. The user interface was intuitive, making it simple for him to configure the system and start using it right away. "I think that once it's set up, we can work without the manual, create lines, and start working," commented Alex. The system also came with comprehensive documentation and support, ensuring that he could make the most of its features and capabilities. 

Highly precise
Precision is critical in agriculture, and the FJD Autosteering system delivered on this front. The system ensured that the tractor followed the guidance lines with high accuracy, resulting in more consistent and efficient farming operations. "I believe it's quite precise because, once my crops have sprouted, I can see that the planting lines are straight," said Alex.

Work well in different weather
Farmers often have to deal with varying weather conditions, which can impact the effectiveness of their equipment. However, the FJD Autosteering System proved to be reliable and robust even in challenging weather conditions. "I worked in fog, in good weather, and in bad weather, and it has always worked very well," commented Alex.


The FJD Autosteer kit has been a game-changer for Alex's farming operations. By automating the steering of his tractor, the system has enabled him to achieve higher levels of precision, efficiency, and productivity in his farm. The user-friendly design, exceptional accuracy, and reliable performance in different weather conditions make the FJD Autosteering System an invaluable addition to any farmer's arsenal.

If you're a farmer looking to embrace precision agriculture and optimize your operations, the FJD AT2 Auto Steer System could be the perfect solution for you. By investing in this cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy the numerous benefits it offers and take your farm to new heights of success.

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