New Release: FJD AL01 Land Leveling System V1.7.1

We are excited to release new features and improvements to FJD AL01 Land Leveling System. With this new release, we are enhancing your project management experience and taking land leveling operations to new heights. Let's dive into the new features and how they can transform your workflows.

What's New in FJD AL01 Land Leveling System V1.7.1


Advanced Mode

The Advanced Mode offers a comprehensive workflow for surveying, terrain design to project completion. It allows for seamless switching, tracking, and visualization of multiple projects, streamlining the land leveling operations. Advanced Mode

Project flow

1. Master Benchmark
The Master Benchmark serves as the primary reference point, offering customizable coordinate references for project applications. This feature enhances project management by providing a consistent, reliable reference point for all project data.Master Benchmark

2. Secondary Benchmark
This step enables users to set a few secondary benchmarks for precise design, landmark, and calibration purposes. With this feature, users can better handle different terrain conditions like slopes and obstacles.
Secondary Benchmark

3. Field Boundary
The Field Boundary consists of many boundary points. It enables users to drive along the boundaries and automatically collect points to create a field boundary.
Field Boundary

4. Interior Points
In this step, users collect interior points by driving an U-shaped path in the work area for terrain data collection. The Interior Points enhance data accuracy and enable more detailed analyses.
Interior Points

5. Parameters
This section allows users to select the appropriate type of design surface for their project, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

6. Design Surface
The Design Surface page provides users with all the necessary information about terrain design, offering a visual representation of the design effect that makes it more intuitive and easier to understand.
Design Surface

Project Management

A project includes the entire process from field survey to design completion. The Projects page records all project stages, including creating, ongoing, completed, and terminated projects, allowing users to view, edit, continue or delete their projects at any time.
Project Management

Farm Management

In the new version, AL01 can be connected to the FMS platform. This allows the control terminal's basic information and online status to be synchronized with FMS, thereby enhancing management efficiency.
Farm Management



Added new 24-step color gradient settings, allowing for more detailed terrain division.

Home Interface

The revised Home Interface provides users with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, making it easier to navigate and execute tasks. 
Home Interface

To Get the Latest Update

To upgrade to the FJD AL01 Land Leveling System's new version, simply contact your local dealer. They will be more than happy to assist you in updating your app and ensuring that you have access to all the incredible new features and improvements.

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