FJD FR4000

Industrial RTK with robust signal
and long range coverage
No Perimeter 
Mow up to
4000㎡ (1 acre)1
Max Slope
Up to 33° (65%)
Vision System
Path Planning
and Auto-recharging
Multi-zone and No-go Zone Management
App Control
and OTA Updates

Map Beyond Limits
Mow as You Wish

Powered by industrial RTK technology and a smart vision system, the FJD FR4000 robotic lawn mower defines virtual boundaries and ensures centimeter-level accuracy in positioning, eliminating the need for wires. It is perfectly tailored to your garden's unique layout.


RTK Positioning Options

Radio RTK  

Achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy with an extraordinary coverage2 range & reliable signal receiving. In this mode, the RTK reference station can be connected via Wi-Fi without data costs.
As a leading global brand, FJD's industrial RTK is widely used in precision agriculture, geospatial, digital construction, and professional landscaping.

Network RTK 

Remove the need for an RTK reference station, offering a versatile alternative to fulfill your flexible RTK connection needs. In this mode, you can effortlessly deploy the FR4000 and set it in motion without additional setup.

Smart Vision System

Based on RGB Camera and Stereo Camera
  • Intelligent Boundary Recognition

    Recognize the grassland and establish optimal boundaries for every section of your lawn to deliver a remarkable level of precision.
  • Real-time Object Detection and Avoidance

    Feature a stereo camera, an RGB camera, and a front bumper, guaranteeing superior object detection and avoidance.
  • Enhanced Vision Navigation

    Navigate seamlessly with visual SLAM technology in challenging environments, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in areas with weak RTK signals.

Stand Out in Performance

Max Slope 33° (65%) to Handle Tricky Terrains at Ease

Conquer steep slopes with an impressive 33°climbing ability, handling inclines of up to 65% effortlessly.

Better Protection with a Built-in Rain Sensor and IPX5 Waterproof

Design with a rain sensor to pause mowing and guide the mower back to the charging station during rainfall, and build with IPX5 waterproof to protect the mower from water damage.

Security System for Anti-theft 3

Come with a combination of PIN access, alarm features, charging station pairing, and GPS theft tracking to provide robust security.

190Wh Capacity for Long-lasting Uses

Indulge in lasting power with a 190Wh capacity. Enjoy up to 180 minutes of mowing time per full charge, maximizing productivity for uninterrupted lawn care.

Personalized Mowing Experience

Set Mowing Schedule

Define your lawn mow schedule, and the FJD mower will handle the rest around the clock.

Set Mowing Schedule

Select Mowing Modes4

Select different modes like parallel stripes for greater mowing efficiency. Stay tuned for additional modes via Firmware OTA updates.

Select Mowing Modes

Adjust Cutting Height

Set the perfect cutting height from 10 to 50mm for different areas to suit your needs.

Adjust Cutting Height

Manage Multi-zones and No-go Zones

Customize mowing zones with tailored cutting heights and schedules while designating no-go zones to avoid specific areas.

Manage Multi-zones and No-go Zones

Precise Positioning and Navigation
in Challenging Scenarios

Under the trees
Open grassy area
Narrow path

What's in the Box


1. The maximum mowing size is 4000㎡ or 1 acre per day.
2. The RTK signal coverage spans at least 1km in open space, but may vary by applications and scenarios. Please refer to the actual use.
3. The security system for anti-theft will be available in the upcoming OTA release. Please make an in-app update upon receiving push message.
4. More mowing modes will be available in the upcoming OTA release. Please make an in-app update upon receiving push message.
5. Product pictures and UIs displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the actual product. Certain product specifications and descriptions may vary due to product updates. The data on the page is provided by FJDynamics-designed technical parameters, and test data is collected from laboratories. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly depending on factors like test software version and specific testing environment.