FJDynamics Redefines Portability With Its New Portable Power Station PONY 500

FJDynamics recently announced the launch of its newest portable power station, FJD PONY 500, the latest model in the company's line of new energy products. The PONY 500 comes in with half the size of competing products in the market and game-changing features that set it apart as a product in the market of off-grid power supplies. After an extensive analysis of the market and product use cases, the product team at FJDynamics developed the PONY 500. The functionalities and design are based on user-driven insights resulting in a product that is superior in ease of use. "Most portable power stations in the market are too big and heavy for people to carry them for long distances. Usage difficulty, safety, and noise were the biggest user concerns", says Knut Niehaus. This drove the design of the Pony 500 which redefines 'portability'. FJD PONY 500 provides up to 504 watt-hours of capacity while weighing only 3.6 kg, making it the lightest product in its class. By using FJDynamics's proprietary ternary lithium battery technology, PONY 500 has an energy density 30% higher than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The light and compact design, which boasts half the weight and size of power stations with the same power capacity, means that users can get the same power outdoors with less physical load. The product's leather handle allows it to be carried with one hand by anyone, creating a hassle-free experience. Its quiet operation is another game-changing feature of the Pony 500. The Pony 500 operates without a built-in fan, which means it operates at 0dB while competing products operate at 55dB. This way users can be connected to power without disrupting the ambiance outdoors. The Pony 500 works flexibly for different needs and scenarios. It works in extreme temperatures from -20°C to 55°C, a wide temperature threshold from other products in the market. The product also has a modular design, allowing it to be combined with accessories from solar panel modules, MPPT or DC add-ons. In off-grid scenarios needing a higher power capacity, the Pony 500 can work with up to 10 power stations in parallel unlocking 10 times the power. With these game-changing features, the Pony 500 is the perfect companion for any outdoor environment - from camping trips and home backup power to outdoor work such as surveying or emergency rescue. "We are redefining portability with the launch of our new PONY 500 portable power station," said Martin Ivanov, R&D Director of FJDynamics. "By leveraging our innovative design and industry-leading battery technology, we have developed a power station that is vastly more portable and capable than any other product available today. This opens up new possibilities for outdoor adventures, fieldwork, and emergency preparedness." FJDynamics' PONY 500 Portable Power Station is now available on FJDynamics Official Online Store ( EU orders start shipping immediately, while US orders will be shipped by May 2023.

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