New Release: FJD Trion Model V1.000.D.0113

We are excited to announce the latest updates of the FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software. This release brings a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. 

New Features

Image linkage

Our software now effectively calculates the pose relationship between point clouds and panoramic images, allowing for seamless integration and display of both data sets. 


Volume calculation

Calculate the volume of different tree species using the basic structural parameters of a single tree, which could be used to calculate carbon storage. 


Trajectory-view roaming video

Utilize immersive scanning trajectory to roam the scanning scene and review the scanning process. 


Free-view roaming video

Produce free-viewpoint cloud roaming videos by adding keyframe information. 


Customize cropping

Support customizing circle and rectangle sizes for cropping operations. 

Canopy analysis

Support canopy analysis of segmented trees to display canopies and trunks separately.


Vegetation classification

Added vegetation and ground classification to outdoor scenarios. 

Normalization and Denormalization

Special terrain point cloud data can be normalized and also supports de-normalization. 

Support insv files for colorization

Colorize point clouds directly from insv files, no need to produce mp4 files anymore.

Support CSV data format import and export

Enrich forestry parameters

Added calculation of ground diameter, crown projection area, and sub-branch height parameters to obtain richer information on tree properties.


Support Spanish, Italian, and French

Uncolored point cloud deletion

Polygonal density measurement


Point cloud coloring optimization

Point cloud mapping indoor mode optimization

Target paper detection range enlarged

Tree adding optimization


Tree deletion optimization


Tree merging optimization

Support continuous merging of single tree point cloud data after segmentation to improve forestry editing efficiency.


Customize forestry report

Support forestry parameter filtering and customize forestry report output.

About FJD Trion S1

A versatile scanner that comes in Standard and Pro versions for indoor and outdoor reality capture. Camera and RTK modules are available for colorized and georeferenced 3D models.

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About FJD Trion P1

Designed for pros and beginners alike, the P1 is your gateway to easy reality capture. Its compact and portable design and advanced algorithms enable you to digitize your environment quickly and accurately.

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