New Release: FJD Trion Model V1.000.D.0114

We are excited to announce the upcoming upgrade of the FJD Trion Model V114. This upgrade brings several improvements to our product. Check out what's new and improved below.

What's New in the Trion Model V114?

Tree Species Identification
Allow for the tree species identification by matching the point cloud and panoramic image correspondences. The panoramic image can be used to annotate each tree.
Tree Species Identification 

Add RTK Registration in Point Cloud Mapping
Allow for the direct output of georeferenced point cloud data after completion of the mapping.
Add RTK Registration in Point Cloud Mapping 

Add Inspection Module for Accident Site Survey with Code Activation

• Base Map Creation:
Support various display methods for generating and drawing base maps.
Base Map Creation

• Drawing: Include an industry-standard element library for quick recording of field environments.

•  Annotation: Provide image annotations and text prompts to illustrate accident details.
• Measurement: Support coordinate, length, angle, and area measurements, allowing for quantitative reactions to reflect details.

• Report:  Create and export customized reports.
Add Dynamic Object Removal in the Process of Point Cloud Mapping
A dynamic object removal operation has been added in the process of point cloud mapping, enhancing the data quality.

 Update Notes

Tap Help > About > Check for updates to install and update.

Only Windows operating systems are supported.

•  If you encounter any problems with the upgrade, please contact your local regional after-sales manager for support.

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