New Release: FJD Trion Model V1.000.D.0110

We are excited to release new features and major improvements to the FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software.Some highlights include:

  • Added support for FJD Trion P1 point cloud mapping
  • Added support for Japanese and Traditional Chinese
  • Switch between 3D and 2D views with one click
  • New and improved coordinate transformation functions for RTK-assisted mapping
Read on to learn more!

What's new in FJD Trion Model V1.000.D.0110


Queue Processing

Add up to 10 point cloud datasets to the processing queue, optimizing efficiency and enabling better task scheduling. Process multiple scans for the same project or multiple projects while your computer is idle.

FJD Trion Model - Queue Processing

Moving Object Removal

Eliminate abnormal point clouds caused by moving people or vehicles during the scanning process, ensuring a clean display of the final point cloud.
FJD Trion Model - moving object removal

Elevation Fitting

Convert the obtained geodetic datum height to an elevation in your local coordinate system, or between geographic and project coordinate systems. Transform vertical datums using multiple fitting methods.

FJD Trion Model - elevation fitting

Brightness and Contrast Adjustment

Showcase your point cloud models with more vibrancy by adjusting their brightness and contrast.

FJD Trion Model - adjust brightness and contrast

Adaptive Point Size

Point sizes will adapt based on viewing angles, ensuring optimal display of scanned object contours and shapes at different zoom levels.
FJD Trion Model - adaptive point size

Multilingual Interface

Added support for Japanese and Traditional Chinese.
FJD Trion Model - JA interface

Support for FJD Trion P1

Process point cloud data acquired using the FJD Trion P1. Support for colorized point cloud processing coming soon.
FJD Trion Model - support for FJD Trion P1

Render Multiple Point Clouds in Bulk 

Edit settings or rendering modes in bulk by selecting multiple point clouds.

2D View

Switch between 3D view and 2D view with one click.
FJD Trion Model - switch between 2D and 3D view

RTK Fusion Optimization

Import coordinate transformation files from FJD's RTK rover systems, or use Rotation X, Y, Z, Translation X, Y, Z, and scale parameters to transform coordinate systems.
FJD Trion Model - RTK based registration


Polygon Crop

You can now undo incorrect cropping selections when using the polygon tool by using ctrl+z.

FJD Trion Model - polygon crop

Point Cloud Mapping

Monitor data quality in real-time using the preview of the mapped point cloud model from FJD Trion S1. The mapped file will be saved in the same folder as the source file, so you don't have to spend more time organizing.
FJD Trion Model - point cloud mapping preview

Settings Saved by Default

You can now save settings for Point Cloud Colorization, Coordinate Transformation, RTK-based Registration, SOR Filter and MLS functions to avoid accidental data loss.

Accuracy Verification

Center the point cloud model by double-clicking the measured point ID, improving efficiency in accuracy verification.

Coordinate Transformation

Choose the coordinates used in transformation calculations; save and reuse previous transformation parameters.

Point Cloud Registration

Point cloud registration is now easier. Choose coordinate points and control points used in registration and hide them along with the point cloud.

Profile Analysis

Point cloud data profiles can now be displayed in scalar field, making it easier for users to analyze data changes through cross sections. Check the Color box on the upper right corner to change display colors.
FJD Trion Model - profile analysis

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About FJD Trion S1

A versatile scanner that comes in Standard and Pro versions for indoor and outdoor reality capture. Camera and RTK modules available for colorized and georeferenced 3D models..

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About FJD Trion P1

Designed for pros and beginners alike, the P1 is your gateway to easy reality capture. Its compact and portable design and advanced algorithms enable you to digitize your environment quickly and accurately.

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