From Pain to Gain: How GNSS-Based Land Leveling System Fuels Farming Success in Mexico

In the world of agriculture, land leveling is a crucial step that farmers cannot afford to overlook. But achieving desired results is not always an easy feat to accomplish. Laser y GPS, a company specialized in precision agriculture in Mexico, understands this all too well. They offer autosteering systems and land leveling solutions that have helped their clients across the country. Eager to bring more success to their customers, they know the value of proper land leveling for agricultural efficiency. However, their experience with the previous laser-based land leveling system left much to be desired.

A before and after comparison of land leveling

Intrinsic Pains with the Laser Land Leveling System

When Laser y GPS started out, they too thought that their laser-based system was just fine. However, as they served more clients and observed their struggles, Laser y GPS encountered various inconveniences with their existing laser land leveling system, including:

  • Required out-of-range adjustments: Due to the limited range of the laser transmitter, the laser system required multiple adjustments to accommodate varied terrain heights. This led to longer work time and lower efficiency, which would come as a blow to farmers' motivation.
  • Skilled operator required: The laser land system required a highly skilled operator with a thorough understanding of the laser leveling procedure. This had an impact on both labor costs and overall project efficiency.
  • Weather limitations: Weather conditions like wind, sand, and fog often affect visibility. These factors can cause errors in the laser land leveling process due to reduced accuracy of the laser transmitted through the air.

their laser leveling equipment

Discovering the FJD GNSS-based Land Leveling System

Frustrated by these difficulties, they knew there had to be a better way. After researching and testing various solutions, they decided to test the FJD AL01, an innovative GNSS-based land leveling system that addresses all the challenges of their previous system. They were immediately impressed by the easy-to-use features and user-friendly interface of the FJD AL01.

"The AL01 is easy to use. I don't have to debug as much as the laser system. I only set it up once, and it will work fine. Even users without any experience can pick it up quickly. You don't have to rely on a skilled operator for it." said Fermando, the president of Laser y GPS. The FJD AL01 has an extremely user-friendly interface, and even technically averse users—most farmers—can get to using it in a jiffy. This makes it easy for farmers to adopt such an innovative technique in their farming practices.

The FJD AL01 system provides users with three different types of surfaces and allows them to easily adjust elevation levels for precise management of excavation and filling requirements. Fermando found that the GNSS system could achieve the same level of land leveling accuracy as their old laser system, regardless of variable weather conditions in Mexico.

The AL01 guarantees little earth movement during drainage and irrigation, maintaining surface soil fertility and enhancing productivity. "Land leveling is very important for water management. But about 50% of farmers in Mexico don't pay much attention to land leveling and water management. I hope they can take water management seriously because it is the foundation for all subsequent agricultural processes. And I think the FJD GNSS-based system can help a lot in this aspect." he claimed.


Great Gains of Using the FJD AL01 3D Land Leveling System

Laser y GPS's decision to adopt the FJD AL01 3D Land Leveling System has yielded numerous benefits for their precision agriculture business. One of the remarkable gains is that better crop growth and higher management efficiency. "If this area has been leveled, the crops grown here will be neat and tidy, and there will be less pests and diseases. I won't need a lot of insecticides and fertilizer after this." Fermando said while pointing to a land. 

"You can tell whether an area has been leveled by looking at the crops after they have grown. If the plants are lush and uniform in height, then this area must have been leveled. But if the land appears rugged or uneven and has patches devoid of vegetation, then it definitely hasn't been leveled." The AL01 delivers excellent land leveling performance. It can ensure that there is no ponding, uneven infiltration, and erosion issues after the land is levelled, making it more efficient for surface irrigation.

Aside from the obvious increased efficiency, Fermando found that the AL01 also delivered cost-effective benefits. "Laser and GNSS-based systems cost almost the same, but GNSS-guided tractors can complete the survey of an area in just one pass through the fields. They use less gas." he explained. When farmers adopt a new system, they consider not only its functionality but also how it can help them save costs. The AL01 is designed with cost savings in mind to benefit the farmers.

Fermando's journey with the FJD AL01 is just the start. Unleash the full potential of this GNSS system for your land leveling needs and imagine the endless possibilities. Enhanced efficiency, decreased costs, and increased crop yields are just a few of the benefits that await you. If you're ready to upgrade your land leveling system, explore the advantages of the FJD AL01 3D Land Leveling System and discover how it can transform your leveling operations. Click here to request your no-obligation quote now, and take your land leveling to the next level!

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