FJDynamics Presented Its Geospatial Products At InterGEO 2022

FJDynamics presented its geospatial products to visitors from 102 countries at InterGEO 2022, the world's leading platform for geo-information exchange. At the show, FJDynamics showcased Trion S1, the handheld 3D LiDAR Scanner, and its Trion V1 Series, the RTK Rover, to an audience of more than 14,000. 

(FJD Booth: A2 028 at the show) 

The Highlight of the Event 

As a complementary innovation to Terrestrial Laser Scanners (TLS), FJD 3D LiDAR Scanner (Trion S1) sparked conversations among its visitors. Visitors were attracted by the appearance of Trion S1 especially after holding, inclined to hold it in hand to experience its portability (weighing only 1.8kg).

 (FJD Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner at the show)

 "Professionals within the scanning sector are interested in the scanner and they are expecting us to add RTK, camera, and drone features to the scanner, all of which are being worked on," said Olivia, FJD's marketing manager. "It's great that we are getting positive feedback from the industry and even greater to learn what the industry is expecting from us." 

Trion S1 is the first product FJDynamics launched in the geospatial sector. It excels in scanning speed without compromising the point cloud accuracy: 320,000 Points/Sec, 0.8-2cm Accuracy. What makes Trion S1 stand out from other competitors is Trion Scan, the app specially designed to display point clouds and track the surveyor's path in real-time, and Trion Metahub, the post-processing software for building 2D and 3D models and calculating volume. 

(Nicola Scotto, FJD marketing manager with 12 years of experience in the LiDAR market, presented Trion S1 to InterGEO's audience) 

Seizing the Market Trends 

The global LiDAR market is expected to continue its hike with a projected CAGR of 15.4% during 2020 and 2025. And yet, the TLS has shown its limitations in some application scenarios as industry developments place increasing requirements on scanning technology. 

FJDynamics gazes upon LiDAR 3D scanning technology, SLAM algorithm, introducing a 3D handheld LiDAR Scanner, FJD Trion S1, as a complement to TLS. Trion S1 can significantly improve the surveying experience in some scanning scenarios.

In Indonesia, Trion S1 helped PT. Surveyor Indonesia complete the scanning task of an 18,000㎡ coal pile in 19 mins, which would have taken 7 hours if using TLS. In the HK Toppy Tower Renewal project, the surveyor completed the scanning of 10 flights of stairs in 10 mins. In a forest surveying project in Asia, the scanning of a hill of 12,000m㎡ was completed within 18 minutes. 

(Point Clouds Scanned by FJD Trion S1) 

A New Way to Scan the World 

Digitization needs geo-information, which is underlined by InterGEO. FJDynamics commits to bringing reliable geospatial products clinging to 5 principles: accuracy, efficiency, flexibility, safety, and stability, providing ever-accurate, ever-faster geo-information.

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