Auto Steer Update: U-Turn and Its 6 Benefits for Farmers

What is U-Turn and when was it released? 

U-Turn, or end-of-row turn, is a feature that enables the tractor to turn around automatically at the end of each row and proceed to the next one. It allows the operator to be laser-focused on the implement control and enables the tractor to turn around with a short path that suits the field, the vehicle, and the implement.  

As a robotics company that's been listening to and answering users' voices, FJDynamics released the U-Turn feature at the end of May 2022, adding another well-requested function to the auto steering kit

What are the benefits of U-Turn?

Reduced Operator Fatigue 

With U-Turn, the operator can trust the turnaround to the autosteer, and concentrate on the implement control — they don't have to multitask and exhaust themselves.

Lowered Fuel Cost

The system configures the shortest U-Turn path for the tractor to turn around at the headland, requiring at least 30% less headland space than the competition. 

Higher Land Utilization Rate

Based on the shape of the field, the auto steering kit will custom-make a U-Turn path, with headland closing included, that covers the highest percentage of the field, so farmers can make the most out of their farm. 


With U-Turn, farmers can plan and start their U-Turn paths anywhere in the field — the starting point doesn't have to be at the edge, so they are flexible with their plans. 

No Overlaps

The tractor auto steer plans the path with worked area in mind. When planning the U-Turn path, the system leaves out the worked area so there is no overlap to speak of, saving farmers from doubling down on seeds, chemicals, and fertilizers. 

Operation Resumption

In case the task can't be finished today, farmers are always able to resume it seamlessly the next day. 

How to use U-Turn?

If you're using the auto steering kit already, please go to our online store to purchase an activation code and use this feature for a lifetime. 

(An activation code is required for U-Turn)

Go to Settings, tap Advanced Mode and turn on U-Turn.

(U-Turn Enabling)

Drive a circle with the steering wheel locked to the left/right, measure the radius of the circle marked out by the outer wheels, then use the number as the turning radius. 

(Radius measurement for U-Turn configuration)

Select a field that's preset with guidance lines, press the U-Turn icon, choose the U-Turn direction, hit "yes" to headland closing, and you will have the tractor u-turning throughout the field, completing the task with headland closing. All done automatically without human control. 

(A tractor on a U-Turn path)

If you work on a field that has no guidance lines but still want to complete the task with U-Turn, press the U-Turn icon anyway as the system will configure a suitable path and navigate the tractor along. 

What does U-Turn consist of? 

To make FJD U-Turn possible, we combined four sub-features. 

 Auto Path Planning

This feature maps out the U-Turn path automatically based on the shape of the field. The best part about this feature is that the generated path suits the field the best — covering the field with the highest percentage. 

 Auto Turning

It automatically turns the tractor around at the headland following the shortest path configured by the tractor auto steer. 

 Auto Straight Line Driving 

As you have probably seen often on our social media, this feature enables the tractor to steer itself along straight lines with the accuracy down to 2.5cm/sub-inch.

 Auto Headland Closing

Headland refers to the area surrounding the middle part of the field, used for turning the tractor around. As indicated by its name, this function finishes the headland area automatically. To enable it, make sure you choose "Yes" to "Auto Headland Closing" when initiating the U-Turn. 

Can I use U-Turn in my field? 

Perfectly Suitable 

Square and rectangular fields.Quadrilaterals with large included angles or small missing parts.


Quadrilaterals with large missing parts. Triangles, teardrops, polygons, and other shapes with large triangular space. 

Not Workable

Overly narrow or small fields. 

Things to bear in mind before using U-Turn

Make sure your tractor is near the starting point and headed towards the operation direction before you initiate U-Turn. Follow the green line on the screen to the starting point after the path is planned. U-Turn may be comprised of sets of paths. We highly suggest completing a set of them before exiting. 

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