How PPP Technology Helps FJD AT2 Achieve Precision Agriculture Without Base Station?

Nowadays, with the synergy of RTK+GNSS, FJDynamics' various autosteering systems have been able to assist most agricultural machinery to realize centimeter-level accuracy. However, in areas that have neither internet coverage nor base station infrastructure, RTK signals are inaccessible and an accuracy of 2.5cm is impossible to get. FJD AT2 Auto Steer System utilizes Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technology to overcome this problem. Unlike RTK, PPP does not require the assistance of a fixed base station, thus saving the cost of setting up base stations and providing more flexibility in operation. With PPP technology, precision agriculture can be realized at the decimeter level, which can guarantee a decent accuracy and save labour and agricultural materials cost in remote areas or areas with complicated terrain.

PPP contributes to precision agriculture

The Working Principle of PPP Technology

PPP is a GNSS positioning method that calculates very precise positions, with errors as small as a few centimeters under good conditions. Nowadays, PPP and RTK technology are widely used in high-precision satellite positioning and navigation. Among them, RTK is developed from differential positioning technology, which needs to set up base stations, and its positioning effect decreases significantly with the increase of the user's distance from the base station. PPP technology, developed from non-differential positioning technology, is a global scale positioning technology, which collects satellite information through the base stations distributed around the world, corrects the orbit error, satellite clock difference, etc., and obtains dynamic decimeter precision positioning. 

FJD AT2 Helps Enable Precision Agriculture Globally with PPP Technology

FJD AT2 is equipped with GNSS receiver which receives information of positioning, orientation and vehicle angles for a better control of automatic steering. With strong positioning signal, it supports multiple navigation systems including GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO and QZSS. Besides, FJD AT2 is equipped with built-in IMU in its GNSS receiver, which boosts efficiency and accuracy of auto steering process. Thus, with GNSS receiver installed, FJD AT2 is not only suitable for standard square fields but also capable of planning turn-around paths according to complex boundaries, as well as automatically generating edge paths with U-Turns.
With the help of PPP technology, The FJD AT2 Auto Steer System guarantees precision even in areas without a base station. Furthermore, it can promote efficiency and reduce labor costs with speeds up to 26km/h and save about 15% on crop and fertilizer inputs. You could visit our website ( to learn more about how FJD AT2 contributes to precision agriculture.

Component of FJD AT2


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