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Diverse Data Sources
Diverse Data
Profile Analysis
Auto Classification
Volume Calculation
Auto Contour Extraction
Auto Contour
Forestry Parameters

FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software

Experience easy point cloud data manipulation and analysis with FJD Trion Model, featuring a user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms. The software provides an all-in-one solution with integrated modules for forestry, drawing, and robot mapping, streamlining the data import and analysis process. Choose FJD Trion Model for versatile, efficient, and high-level integration point cloud processing.

Essential Processing Functions

One-Click Correction

Correct point cloud tilt with a single click.

Profile Analysis

Measure and display multiple cross-sections to evaluate point cloud data quality.

Volume Calculation

Calculate stockpile and enclosed volumes.

Auto Classification

Automatically classify point cloud data related to buildings, trees, and geological features for urban planning, forestry, and mineral exploration.

Professional Applications

Auto Contour Extraction
Forestry Parameters
Extract vector contour lines from point cloud data with one click.

Simpler Point Cloud Processing

Analyze and process raw point cloud data directly without downloading and importing them, making it a breeze to process even on the go.
  • Enter project information
  • Load from local or import data from scanner
  • Process data

Clearer Point Cloud Rendering Effect

Deliver superior visual clarity on point cloud thanks to the high-resolution performance and powerful processors, rendering images smoother than ever before on PC.

Faster Sharing after Post-processing

Share and publish point cloud data, fly-through videos, and rendering videos on social media to enhance brand exposure and boost sales.


Application Scenarios

Utilize 3D tour to create more engaging experiences for visitors while delivering more conversions
Travel & Hospitality
Give guests a captivating glimpse of properties to help them plan their stay more effectively.
Commercial Real Estate
Provide real estate teams with immediate access and valuable insights to assess how a space aligns with company needs.
Architecture, Engineering &Construction
Help clients to better assess risks, deliver product designs, plan constructions, and generate Scan-to-CAD/BIM files.
Residential Real Estate
Utilize 3D tour to create more engaging experiences for visitors while delivering more conversions

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