Beyond Tractors: Exploring the Potential of Autosteering Systems for Diverse Machinery

Tractors are a common and versatile machine in agricultural operations, capable of covering almost all farming needs when paired with various implements. Combining a tractor with an autosteering system like the FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit or AT2 Auto Steer System enables hands-free operation, enhances efficiency, and reduces waste. Surprisingly, the benefits of the AT1 and AT2 extend beyond tractors, offering even more applications and use cases.

Harvester: Reaping Efficiency

Manual harvester operations face several challenges, including crop damage and limited visibility due to dust. Incorporating an autosteering system into harvester operations can enable more precise and consistent passes. This results in faster harvesting, eliminates the need for manual steering corrections, and leads to less damage to standing crops. Additionally, more uniform cutting and gathering of crops ultimately improve yield and crop quality.


Fertilizer Spreaders and Sprayers: Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Yield

Thanks to the ISOBUS Virtual Terminal & Task Controller features of the AT1 and AT2, crop protection machinery such as fertilizer spreaders and sprayers can now streamline your farming operations. Utilize a single control terminal to manage all ISOBUS-compatible implements, enabling precise and automated control over the distribution of fertilizers and pesticides. By applying inputs accurately and minimizing overlap, your crop protection machinery equipped with an autosteering system helps reduce waste and promote healthier crop yields.


Rice Transplanter: Precision in Paddies

During rice transplanting, driving, monitoring planting performance, and seedling feeding are all performed simultaneously. In the challenging environment of paddy fields, maintaining high precision is crucial. When equipped with an autosteering system, this process becomes easier, and the planting operation is significantly more precise. The autosteer technology allows for accurate navigation and alignment, ensuring optimal spacing and positioning of seedlings, even in difficult terrain.


Mower: Precision in Every Cut

In an unexpected development, some users have successfully installed FJD's AT1 and AT2 autosteering systems on their lawn mowers, yielding impressive results. These systems enable mowers to navigate with unparalleled precision. By utilizing guidelines to plan routes, every swath becomes accurate, resulting in a uniform and well-manicured lawn appearance. This heightened precision not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the lawn but also decreases the time and fuel consumption necessary for maintenance.



The AT1 and AT2 autosteering systems offer an impressive range of compatibilities, extending beyond tractors to various essential farm machinery. This versatility ensures that farms of all sizes can achieve higher precision, reduced input costs, and unparalleled efficiency. By integrating precision autosteering into a diverse array of equipment, FJD fosters comprehensive automation across the agricultural sector. Adopting these technologies leads to a more sustainable, profitable, and efficient future in farming.

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